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This Memorable Thanksgiving “Togetherness” Paper Fold teaches your kids at church, home, or everyone in the congregation the importance of “togetherness” during Thanksgiving Day.

Kids will learn to cherish the time with loved ones, remember special family activities, and grab hold of the most vital part of Thanksgiving togetherness-- telling stories of God’s greatness in your lives!

Paper-folding is a GREAT 'attention-keeping' & Easy-to-Do teaching technique that will help impart your lesson!
Price: $4.00

When we have times to be together with those we love and who love us, that is what makes holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent's Day, etc... so very special and important to our lives.

In this Gospel Magic Object Lesson, 'It's All About Family,' you show three jumbo cards and ask your volunteer to choose one. It is a COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE! Regardless of his decision, you can instantly show that his choice was the correct one by revealing a prediction that has been hidden in plain sight all along.

Using the three picture illustrations of HOME, FAMILY, and DINNER TIME, your group will discover how God has given them people in their lives to be their family, to learn from them, spend time with them, and love them.

Print and fold the cards and you are set to go!
Price: $3.00

20 MARVELOUS Concentration Puzzle Games!

All puzzles are themed around the US Thanksgiving Holiday. Each round your kids will uncover Rebus 'picture words' while figuring out the hidden Thanksgiving message!
Price: $4.00

This exciting new complete service for Thanksgiving will keep your kids focused and eagerly involved as the teams compete to "clue in" their partners on 4 key Scriptural points of giving thanks -- all while participating in 5 main game rounds, 5 bonus game rounds, and 2 memory verse rounds!
  • --4 key Scriptural points on Giving Thanks
  • --2 interactive memory verse games
  • --5 Bonus Rounds for extended services
  • --Class participation throughout
  • --PowerPoint-driven game board
  • --Printable Teacher Guide for easy teaching
  • --2 Versions Included to Work With BOTH PowerPoint 2003 & 2007 or newer! (NOTE: You can download a FREE PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft at: to use this lesson!)
Price: $10.00

A wonderful children's worship service that highlights the warm family experience of Thanksgiving as well as teaching children 6 parts of their relationship with God for which they can be extremely thankful.

Because we often are focused on needs, it is so very important that we make the most of this opportunity to help our children remember that:
  • God is Good
  • God Always Loves Me
  • God Strengthens and Protects Me
  • God Does Wonderful Things for Me
  • God Answers My Prayer
  • God Gives Me Salvation
- Turkey Tales is a humorous PowerPoint game where children discover fun facts about turkeys.
- Avoid the Grumpies is a PowerPoint game to creatively remind kids to be thankful and not grumpy. You can use it as a stand alone game or ask questions from your lesson to select which children get to pick a Thanksgiving food item to play the game.
Price: $10.00

A fun PowerPoint game to creatively remind kids to be thankful and not grumpy. You can use it as a stand alone game or ask questions from your lesson as children pick a Thanksgiving food item while trying to AVOID MR. GRUMPY!

Includes 10 games for replayability!

NOTE: This game is included FREE in "Around the Thanksgiving Table" Service.
Price: $4.00

Creatively Captivating! Your students will be glued to your every move with anticipation to discover what you are creating with this fun paper-fold lesson!

True thankfulness is a life-motivating attitude which changes our perspective on all that God has provided for us. While you are instilling the truth of real thankfulness, your students will be carefully watching as you create a surprising "Thanksgiving" character from a jumbo-sized $100 dollar bill.

This paper folding lesson is:
  • Extremely Easy-to-Do and Downloadable with
  • Step-by-Step, Illustrated Folding Instructions and
  • Large & EXTRA Large Printable Jumbo Bills!
  • 10 to 15 Minute Presentation
If you need something quick for Thanksgiving, this is it!
Price: $4.00

Here is the THANKSGIVING release of our INCREDIBLY POPULAR PinPoint Hidden Object games!

You take the role of two children helping their parents get ready for Thanksgiving! Find hidden objects along the driveway and fence row, in the front yard, and around the back of the house next to the barn.

After you use your Super-Duper Snooper skills to gather all the items from your lists, you discover a surprise hidden behind the barn! Can you spot the differences between the left and right lenses of your special binoculars as you examine your barnyard guest?

Hidden Object Games continue to be a favorite for ALL ages. And, Children's Ministry Today has innovatively created this PowerPoint game in such a unique way that you can play it at home, in the office, in the classroom, as an individual, or in a large group!

As with previous PinPoint games, this game features wonderful soundtracks which create an intriguing atmosphere throughout the game.
Price: $6.00

Present two marvelous lessons which are perfect for any time of the year, but are exceptionally powerful when your are celebrating Thanksgiving!
Everyone loves the exciting game of Jeopardy.

Here is an exceptionally fun parody on this classic game that will powerfully present two lessons in an unforgettable way!

Some Features Include:
Theme Music, Animated Characters, Double Points, Sound Effects, Interactive Scoring, Thinking Music, Cheering Crowds

Yes, you can do this with or without PowerPoint, but if you have projection capability, you will definitely want to use it.

Almost NO preparation needed! Fully scripted!

One service presents teaching using the word THANK as the central focus. Covers wide variety of reasons to thank and how to thank God.

The other lesson uses the word GIVE. Covers both aspects of God giving to us and us to God.
Price: $15.00

The Tantalizing Turkey-Trotting Tongue Twister Tournament is a hilarious game to use during your holiday services and events!

Tongue-Tied the Game features 16 rounds of Laughable Lip-Smacking Limericks!

Add a box of saltine crackers For Fantastically Fun-Filled Festivities!

You will laugh, cry, and share the Joys of Jocularity!

Also, a great idea for family-fun on Thanksgiving Day at home!

You can have this in your hands today!
Price: $4.00

Energize and Inspire Your Kids With This Magnificently Interactive Lesson!
Your group will quickly discover the thrilling excitement of Triangulation, a complete lesson and unique game combining the best of two highly popular television game shows, $100,000 Pyramid and Password!

Countdown music and a 60 second timer create an awe-inspiring, attention-grabbing atmosphere as teammates exchange clues to discover each round's secret word.

As the secret word is revealed, points are awarded and everyone is enlightened with a supporting scripture that instills another one of 6 ways to show "Thanks."

The exhilaration continues after the game is completed and all secret words are solved as your group joins in an "everyone is involved" interactive Bible Story of Jesus and the Ten Lepers!

A creative Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle is decoded to reveal 1 Thes. 5:18 as your theme verse.

Everything is included in this download for presenting this inter-cultural, year-round lesson with or without computer projection!

- Large Game Board Cards
- Clue Cards for Each Round
- Rebus Scripture Picture Master for handouts or transparency
- Complete PowerPoint with Music and Game Timers
-(if not using PowerPoint, you may want a stopwatch)

Easy to Prepare and Fun to Present
Price: $10.00

Did you know that wild turkeys have between 5,000-6,000 feathers? What a remarkable clothing those feathers make for a turkey!

What is more remarkable than that is that you and I can clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ as we are encouraged to do in Romans 13:14.

This original balloon sculpture design by Alisa J. Linn creates a large delightful turkey by twisting seven 260Q balloons into a colorful eye-catching character.

As always, Alisa's lesson powerfully presents strong life-changing scriptural truths. Numerous texts from the Old Testament are used to show the foundational importance God places on thankfulness. Verses from Ephesians 5:4 and Colossians 2:7 wonderfully address the challenge we face to rid ourselves of ungrateful attitudes and replace them with thankfulness.

This unique balloon sculpture design comes with step-by-step photo-illustrated twisting instructions and lesson.
Price: $4.00

This is an excellent lesson on the importance of thankfulness in prayer!

We are exhorted by God in Colossians 4:2 to be thankful while devoting ourselves in prayer. This easy-to-do, no sleight-of-hand effect creatively presents the truths of WATCHFULNESS and THANKFULNESS through a clever interactive presentation.

You show several cards which spell the words WATCHFULNESS and THANKFULNESS. Your volunteer freely shuffles the cards. You place an envelope containing a piece of paper upon which you have written a prediction onto the top of the deck of shuffled cards. When your volunteer opens the envelope it is revealed that prediction inside is the same as the letter card shuffled to the top of the deck by your volunteer, the letter 'U'.

Works every time! Only moments to learn! Simply make the cards, write U on a piece of paper and put it into an envelope and you are ready to go!

This presentation incorporates the best of Gospel Magic:
- Effect supports the Message without being distracting
- Interaction focuses attention
- Can be presented anywhere
- Easy to do!
Price: $4.00

Here is a fun and very easy-to-do flip-over trick cartoon that even those of us who cannot draw will enjoy presenting!

You can do this even if you are a non-artist.

This great Thanksgiving and Gratitude lesson features drawing a heart that, after adding a couple of lines and flipping sideways, turns into a drawing of a man\'s head.

If you have never tried Trick Cartooning, you are missing out on a wonderful teaching method sure to captivate the attention of your group.

For notes on how even a non-artist can do this inspiring method, read the article on How to Do Trick Cartooning.
Price: $4.00

This is an amazingly simple and self-working effect! Thirteen cards are shuffled through over and over again as the lesson is presented. At the end of each shuffle, the top card is removed and shown. One by one, each letter is used to illustrate an important character attribute of being thankful and expressing thankfulness. This lesson concludes with a special emphasis on Col. 2:6,7 that says that part of becoming strong and stable in Christ is to be overflowing with thankfulness or thanksgiving!

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has step-by-step instructions, card graphics, and lesson.

You will need the following to present this illusion.
- Color Printer
- Cardstock or Photo Paper
- Scissors or Paper Cutter
- Some time to practice
Price: $4.00
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