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!!! Easter Celebration Lessons and Games !!!


A large picture with four Christian Faith symbols is shown to your audience. You choose a volunteer to verbally select one of the four symbols. When you turn the picture around, their selection matches exactly to a card you have attached to the back of your picture!

The match is always correct, no matter which of the four symbols your volunteer selects!

No sleight of hand is needed!

Teaching points are provided for each of the four picture. Moreover, you can easily use this to present many other fundamental teachings from scripture such as: Easter, Last Supper, salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Communion, etc...
Price: $3.50

This is a REMARKABLE Easter lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word?”.

When producing this lesson, “What’s the Word” was showing an OUTSTANDING 5 Star rating with nearly 580,000 user votes in the iTunes app store!

“What’s the Word for Easter?” provides your kids with four levels of gameplay centered upon words from the last days of Christ’s life on earth prior to His death and resurrection. Each of the four rounds (19 games total) culminates with a keyword to use as a discussion point with your group.

The four points highlight:
  • We cannot do anything ourselves to get rid of our sins.
  • Jesus’ resurrection removes the sin barrier between us and God.
  • Accepting Jesus’ death on the cross for us frees us from the harm of sin now and forever.
  • Choose God’s plan of salvation now so you can reign with God in His Kingdom for eternity!
If you have never experienced this INCREDIBLY POPULAR game app, here is what you can expect from the “What’s the Word for Easter?” spin-off.

There are four rounds of play, each climaxing with a KEYWORD you use for your teaching/discussion point. Each game consists of 4 pictures, an empty grid showing how many letters are in the word to be solved, a grid of 12 letters to use in solving the secret word, a HELP icon (when clicked reveals one letter), and a PROBLEM SOLVERS icon to solve the secret word.

Each game shows 4 pictures that have one word in common among them. For example, if you see a fish bowl, a cereal bowl, someone bowling, and a pet food bowl, the word is BOWL!

We agree with the description of the game which this lesson parodies. Indeed it is, “Surprisingly simple, amazingly addictive, everyone’s favorite new game!”

“What’s the Word for Easter?” creates an intriguing atmosphere for bringing the story of Easter to life in a fresh and interactive way.
Price: $8.00

This is a wonderfully easy Gospel Magic Object Lesson to present which visually illustrates that Christ conquered death by rising from the dead.

Here is What Happens!

You show the back of three fanned cards to each have a picture of a sealed tomb. Turning the fanned cards around, you show that the other sides of the cards contain pictures of a cross. The two outer cards each have a black cross; the center card has a red cross. Turn one card around to show the tomb and place it in front of the other two cards. As you approach the end of your lesson, you turn the tomb card back around again to show that the two black crosses have remained the same; however, the center red cross has changed into a picture of Christ!
Price: $4.50

Throughout the years, there have been many jokes about how a person can find anything in a handbag—even the kitchen sink!
  • Kids keep everything they need in their book bags.
  • Business people have everything they need in their laptop bags.
The unique concept behind this illustrated lesson is that everything you need to tell the Easter story can be found in the everyday handbag! When these daily items are later seen, the children will be reminded of the details of the Easter story.

After experiencing "Easter in a Handbag," your children will be able to easily re-tell the Easter story for their friends and family using the same everyday items!
  • Highly visual with object lessons & optional PowerPoint
  • Interactive Easter games throughout lesson
  • Clearly relates Jesus' suffering for our sins
  • Positive emphasis on God's love, power, & promises being unlocked for us through Jesus
  • Powerful salvation closing from Isaiah 53:5
  • 4 Bonus high-energy Easter games for an Event Day atmosphere
Price: $10.00

Remarkably Creative and Simple to Do, Paper folds are one of CMT Readers’ favorite methods of teaching the Gospel!

All eyes will attentively watch you create an Origami crown as you challenge your kids to give Jesus the honor He deserves as their King of Kings!

Using several Scriptures from the Easter story and 2 scenes of worship in Heaven from Revelation, this powerful lesson brings your audience to a strong salvation message—How have you treated Jesus? Have you been like those who placed the crown of thorns on His head or do you crown Jesus with glory and honor, giving Him worship as your King of Kings!
Price: $4.00

Here is a NEW Kids' Worship Service creatively designed to help children understand and believe the story of Easter and how their lives can be eternally changed when they believe in Christ!

Lesson Overview:
  • To Believe or Not Believe – That is the Question! An Interactive All-Class Activity - highlights some of Jesus' miracles and shows that John wrote the gospel so we would believe.
  • Rebus Scripture Picture Verse John 20:27– "Don't Be An Unbeliever, But A Believer" - shows us that Jesus wants us to believe in his death and resurrection for us.
  • Cereal Celebration This object lesson explains that when we believe we receive real life.
  • Kitty Litter Surprise Relay This relay teaches that we can believe that Jesus died and rose again even though we have not seen it.
  • Can You Make Believe It Is Real? This object lesson answers the question – "What is real life?" Real life is the "real us" inside, our spirit, living forever with God.
  • BONUS - 11 Easter-Themed Games for Your Easter Activities

Note from Pastor Gary - Easter is a marvelous celebration of the greatest moment in the history of man; God's redemptive love was enacted through His Son, Jesus Christ. With the ever-increasing commercialization of Easter as a holiday of candy and new toys, it becomes even more imperative that we instill within the hearts and spirits of our children the true meaning of this miraculous holiday.

We must help our kids truly BELIEVE in Jesus Christ's sacrifice and His atoning work through the cross, tomb, and resurrection. The key purpose of this kids' worship lesson is to bring focus upon the realization that our salvation hinges upon the truth that we must believe. You will explore the Apostle John's comments from John 20:27-31 where he clearly explains why he told the story of Christ's ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension. John says that his purpose in writing his gospel is "so you may believe."

For the lesson you will need: 2 Boxes of Cereal, Small Inedible Items, 4 Bowls, Kitty Litter and Pan, 2 Scoops or Slotted Spoons, Artificial Flower
Price: $10.00

This jaw-dropping fold-over trick cartoon by Rev. Greg L. Lichi brings a powerful message that Easter is about your spirit, the eternal part within you, being resurrected right now to a new life!

Your group will be enthralled to watch as you draw two soldiers guarding Christ's tomb. Then, amazingly, as you fold the picture in half, it wondrously changes into the angel who said "He is not here. He is risen."

If you have never tried Trick Cartooning, you are missing out on a wonderful teaching method sure to captivate the attention of your group.

For notes on how even a non-artist can do this inspiring method, read the article on How to Do Trick Cartooning.
Price: $4.00

Remarkably Creative and Simple to Do!

This paper fold lesson clearly presents the "New Life" we have through Jesus Christ in a way everyone can understand.

All eyes will be attentively watching as you cover the scriptural truths of Romans 6:23, Ephesians 5:2, and 2 Corinthians 5:15, 17 to lead your group into a NEW LIFE with Jesus Christ.

Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and a fully scripted lesson. All You need are 2 pieces of yellow paper and you are set to go!
Price: $4.00

Here is an interactive way to present the story of Christ's triumphal entry, death, resurrection, and ascension which culminates with the marvelous truth that Christ did this for YOU! More than ever before in history, we live in an impersonal world. We have become accustomed to communicating via email, text message, and social websites. It is going almost unnoticed that this is impacting our spiritual relationships and growth. The main point of this message is to bring the focus back to the truth of the close and personal relationship God desires to have with His children.

Prior to using 9 stage-size picture illustrations for teaching your lesson, a volunteer from your group selects a picture from a tic-tac-toe style grid without letting you know their choice. Using a stack of several identical cards prepared with sections cut out, you and your volunteer divide the cards into two stacks. As you lay the last card down onto its stack, you instantly know which picture your volunteer has selected.

All you need is a printer, sharp knife, and cardstock to perform this amazing effect.
Price: $6.00

Did you ever think about how much the symbols of a heart and a cross go together?

This lesson beautifully illustrates how the cross representing Jesus’ death and the heart symbolizing love definitely go together; they are a part of each other.

This special effect paper fold so simply and so profoundly presents the marvelous plan of salvation for all ages!

Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and a fully scripted lesson presentation utilizing 5 scriptures from Romans.
Price: $4.00

Love is an essential part of every person's existence. God never intended any person to live life without love, especially His love! This powerful lesson uses colorful candy heart cards to explore 6 different ways God expresses His intense love to each person. Your kids can reach new heights in their relationship with God by understanding the depth of God's love for them! The illusion ends with a strong salvation message, explaining how Jesus' death of the cross is the ultimate expression of God’s love, freeing them from sin's harm so they can live lives loving God and being loved by Him. It's the world's greatest love story!

NO SKILL NEEDED for this wonderful Gospel magic object lesson!

Includes Cue Cards for easy teaching

Includes 2 sets of printable cards Jumbo and Stage size!
Price: $5.00

This is the most powerful gospel lesson to be presented with the famous Cut & Restored Rope illusion!

A plain length of rope is cut in half with scissors. The middle is tied together. The rope is wrapped around your fingers for a moment. When you unwrap the rope, the knot has vanished and the cut rope has been completely restored.

The gospel lesson includes Eph 1:18-21 and Rom. 8:2 and teaches that the power of God that worked in the death and resurrection of Christ is now working in us.

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has step-by-step instructions with full color photo illustrations and lesson.

You will need the following to present this illusion.
- A Piece of Rope (about 3 feet will do)
- Scissors
- Some time to practice.
Price: $4.00

Are you looking for something Powerful and Special for Easter Sunday?

This lesson will instill into your children's hearts the awesome truth that Jesus indeed rose again for them! They will discover how the resurrection of Christ impacts their lives both for eternity and now!

Here are some of the main points covered.
-Jesus prophesied His resurrection.
-Jesus rose from the dead Himself.
-Jesus' resurrection was the plan of salvation by God to restore our relationship with Him.
-Many times God does things opposite of how we see them or think about them.
-God worked a miracle through Jesus' death that brings us eternal life!
-There is power in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
-We who believe He is the Son of God can become children of God.
-When you make Jesus Christ your Savior, you allow the power of His resurrection to work in you!
-Christ's death and resurrection is for more than just eternal life. It is also for your present life.
-Whatever is broken in our lives can be healed and restored according to the promises of God because we are in Christ.
-Now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation.

Note: This lesson has 3 "Special Effect" object lessons that are also called Gospel Magic. These are very easy to do. No sleight of hand is required.

This unforgettable lesson includes:
-Detailed Outline for Service
-An Incredibly Fun Crowdbreaker Game (Jellybean Surprise)
-Short Video Introduction of the cross
-1 Pantomime Bible Story
-1 Rebus Scripture Picture Verse - 1 Peter 3:21 (PowerPoint)
-Gospel Magic Trick: It is True! The Lord has Risen!
-Numerical Amazement Lesson: More Than Meets The Eye
-Gospel Magic Trick: The Book of Life
-Gospel Magic Trick: Broken & Restored Match (Broken For You)
-1 Sermon (enhanced with PowerPoint presentation)
-1 PowerPoint Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
- Printer
- Cardstock or Photo Paper
- Scissors
- Marker
- Jelly Beans & Paper Bag
- Pack of Children\'s Playing Cards
- Handkerchief and Wooden Matches
- Rubber Band

This lesson was specially created to be easy-to-do! Some preparation is required!
Price: $10.00

This set of two Bible Lessons for children explores the marvelous celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter through one of the Most Kid-Enticing Board Games EVER!

There are so many aspects that elevate this two-lesson series to a pinnacle of fun for your children. Here are just a couple of highlights.
  • Each lesson begins with a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and ACTION-FILLED activity used to explore the Bible story.
  • Each lesson uses the all-time favorite children's game, "Candy Land," as a tool for discovering six key points.
  • Both lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare.
  • Both lessons are suitable for ANY SIZE Group of kids.
  • Both Bible studies can be used for Children's Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Service, Family Devotions, just about ANY SETTING!
  • Just Print, Play, and Predicate (that?s a P word for Teach)
Lessons are:
- Palm Sunday Praise - using the Triumphal Entry of Jesus to explore all about PRAISING GOD! There are so many wonderful ways for us to praise our Lord God. Let's excite and motivate our children to fill each day with praise to God!

- EASTER in Candy Land - begins with the story of Nicodemus' visit to Jesus, then creatively studies the events of the Easter story, how we receive salvation, and what it means to be 'In Christ.'

BONUS FEATURE: These lessons are great for all ages 3 - adult.
Just grab the Candy Land game and you are ready to go! (Oh yes, be sure the version you pick up has the Gingerbread, Peppermint, Gum Drop, Nut, Lollipop, and Ice Cream.)
Price: $12.00

The Easter season is a very special time of year for every believer! Easter is a time of celebration, a time of remembrance, and a time of challenge.

This Special Interactive Service is designed for you to creatively present the story of Easter in an exciting way that capitalizes on the atmosphere of celebration through fun games which will be used to present the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

At the end of the message, you will bring your group's focus on the inescapable truth that this is more than a story. Everything God prepared and Jesus fulfilled through these events was done for the specific purpose of providing us with a certain salvation that brings us eternal life.

Excellent for Easter Sunday Morning & Your Easter Outreach Events!

This highly interactive lesson is designed to use in any setting so
You Can Present It Without Video Projection, Even Outside!
A PowerPoint presentation and a video clip are included for those wanting to use video projection.
Service Overview:
Opening Theme Scripture Acts 4:12
Lesson Intro With A Special 3 Card Repeat
Relay Representing the Death & Burial of Christ
Interactive Relay Telling the Story of Easter
Relay Representing the Resurrection of Christ with a Surprise Ending from 3 Card Repeat
The Scripture Shout-Out Shoot Out! Review Game
(Optional Lesson PowerPoint & Theme Scripture Video Included!)
Price: $10.00
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