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This is an exciting, fun-filled, interactive service which will propel your kids into a greater understanding and appreciation of the love God has put into their lives through friends, family, and God’s free gift of salvation, including a lifelong, unforgettable love relationship with Himself!

The lesson creatively uses 4 different interactive games. Each game relates to a different Bible story which illustrates a type of love relationship God has given us to experience and enjoy in our lives -- that of family members, friends, spouses, and, most importantly, God our Savior.

This is a wonderful Valentine’s celebration service or outreach event! Included are printable Valentine cards which your kids can use to invite their friends to church for a special UR LUVD party/service!
Price: $10.00

All-Time Classic! -- All-Time Favorite! -- All Ages!

Double Vision Can You Spot the Differences? features 10 remarkable photo-puzzles illustrating scripture focusing on God's love!

This is a wonderful game for any class size, any setting, event, or service and even individual play!

This creative edition of Double Vision features these scriptures:
-Psalm 36:7
-1 John 4:7
-Romans 8:39
-Ephesians 5:1
-Psalm 136:26
-Galatians 5:14
-Psalm 52:8
-John 13:34
-Psalm 48:9
-1 Corinthians 13:2

Each photo-puzzle cleverly incorporates 8 differences of varying difficulty to discover!

A teacher's clue sheet is also included for classroom use!

NOTE: This game is EXCELLENT as a stand-alone game or an add-on for "Love Conquers the Fear Factor," "You Gotta Love It," "What's Love Got To Do With It?," and "Discovering God's Covenant of Love" lessons!
Price: $4.00

Did you ever think about how much the symbols of a heart and a cross go together?

This lesson beautifully illustrates how the cross representing Jesus’ death and the heart symbolizing love definitely go together; they are a part of each other.

This special effect paper fold so simply and so profoundly presents the marvelous plan of salvation for all ages!

Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and a fully scripted lesson presentation utilizing 5 scriptures from Romans.
Price: $4.00

Love is an essential part of every person's existence. God never intended any person to live life without love, especially His love! This powerful lesson uses colorful candy heart cards to explore 6 different ways God expresses His intense love to each person. Your kids can reach new heights in their relationship with God by understanding the depth of God's love for them! The illusion ends with a strong salvation message, explaining how Jesus' death of the cross is the ultimate expression of God’s love, freeing them from sin's harm so they can live lives loving God and being loved by Him. It's the world's greatest love story!

NO SKILL NEEDED for this wonderful Gospel magic object lesson!

Includes Cue Cards for easy teaching

Includes 2 sets of printable cards Jumbo and Stage size!
Price: $5.00

What is included?
- Full Worship Service Lesson featuring 7 Scriptures, 6 Group Activities, 2 Object Lessons, 1 Skit Lesson, Review Questions, Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle Verse

- 2 PowerPoint Presentations

- (NEW FEATURE) Parent Take-Home Discussion Guide

- (NEW FEATURE) Full Set of Images for MediaShout, EasyWorship, etc...

What is the service about?
God tells us 7 times that He has made a COVENANT of LOVE with us. This service kit helps kids discover this great message of God's covenant of love with us! In His covenant, He promises to always love us and never forsake us. It is an unbreakable, never-ending guarantee to give us His love. He wants us to live our lives filled with His love. Your kids will realize that their part of this covenant is to wholeheartedly seek after God, love Him, and live life in His covenant of love!

GREAT FEATURE! You can powerfully teach this lesson without PowerPoint or Video projection!
Price: $10.00

You are about to involve your kids in an absolutely marvelous lesson! The Dynamic Duos format for presenting your lesson is remarkably fun and interactive for all ages. Dynamic Duos is based on a mixture of three famous television game shows: Kidstreet (Children's Game Show from Canada), I'm Telling (Children's Game Show from USA), and the Newlywed Game and creates an stimulating atmosphere while exploring what it truly means to "love God" and how His commands guide us.

There are several extraordinary points that make this presentation style stand out.
1- You are presenting your lesson and reinforcing it in one classroom setting.
2- Your group is interactively experiencing your lesson.
3- This style of question allows all ages and backgrounds to participate, even if they have no prior knowledge of scripture.
4- You can easily adjust the lesson to fit most any size group.
5- This can be presented without any props whatsoever.
6- You can easily turn this into a 'Special Event' night at your church, such as an outreach for the entire community. Just add some prizes for winning teams and you're set.
It is also marvelous for Special Events and Celebrations such as: Father / Daughter Banquet, Family Fun Night, Church Homecoming, Church Picnic, etc..
Price: $10.00

These 2 Interactively Fun and Exciting Lessons feature a creative spin-off of the engaging television game show Let's Make a Deal!

Can your kids answer these 2 questions?
What is Love?
How Do Others See God's Love Through Me?

These 2 Complete Children's Services cover a lot of scripture from John, Galatians, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, 1 John, and Romans while helping your kids learn to experience and demonstrate God?s command to "Do Everything in Love!"

These are exceptionally easy-to-prepare services!
Price: $15.00

Kids love games! - Kids love parties!
The "Ultimate Party Big Day" Service is an excitingly fun Special Event Day service that provides a bountiful supply of interaction, play, amusement, and exhilaration for your children as they explore 10 parties detailed in scripture.

Your ultimate purpose is to create an atmosphere of celebration and jubilee leading up to your final invitation to the 'Ultimate Party;' the 'Wedding Supper of the Lamb!' (Rev. 19:9)

This is a wonderful mix and match event day service.

Select which games and stories from scripture you want to highlight with your children. You can do all 10 or a select few, depending on your time, age group, and resources.

After your group has thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, games, and relays, you will invite them to join you in the 'Ultimate Party' through salvation in Jesus Christ.

for ANYTIME of the YEAR!

Since kids still hand out Valentine's Cards at school, this is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to use the Ultimate Party Big Day Service as an outreach event for your Valentine's Day!

Double-sided Valentine's Invitation Cards are included!

This event day includes: 10 games illustrating 10 Bible story parites- Quick Draw, Hangman, Pumpkin on a Plate, Categorically Speaking, Name That Tune, Riddle Me This, Doctor Doctor, Catch the Balloon, War, Hot Air Hoopla; Invitation to the ULTIMATE PARTY; and theme verse activity on Nehemiah 8:12, 'So the people went away ... to celebrate with great joy because they had heard God's words and understood them.'

Three supporting PowerPoint elements also included for leaders who wish to use PowerPoint.
Price: $10.00

How Can We Love God with All of Our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength?

This is the third, and considered the best, of the 'Quest for God' series of services!

Your students will definitely be enthralled as they explore the OUTSTANDING life of Joseph, while serving in Egypt. They will read the scripture, solve a Discover the Differences puzzle, solve two Hidden Object puzzles, solve a Rebus Scripture Picture puzzle, and encounter the full truth Christ spoke through Mark 12:30.

(Designed so you can focus more on prayer than preparation!)

Everything is included in one PowerPoint presentation with a Teacher's Walk-Through in .pdf format.

Complete Lesson / Service

All you need for this life-changing lesson is...
- PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint viewer
(Just read through it and Go!)
Price: $10.00

Many of us often hear the phrase "walk in love," but what does it mean and how can we teach it to our children?

In a world filled with self-centeredness and a mindset of self-worth coming from what an individual can accomplish in his own strength, a pervading attitude of the "ends justify the means" usually prevails.

Our children need to experience the truth that real success comes from living a life that is saturated with God's love.

This lesson focuses on four practical ways children can walk in love by exploring the theme verse from 1 Thessalonians 1:3 says, "We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ."

Focusing on the key words, "your labor prompted by love," your group will discover that: "Everything You Do," "Everything You Think," "Everything You Are," and "Everything You Say" - "Comes From," "Is Done Because Of," and "Should Be Done With" - "LOVE."

In short: - "You Gotta Love It!"

This Creative Lesson is Extremely Easy to Prepare!

- Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle
- Opening Group Activity
- Funny 'Just DO It!' Skit
- Clever - 'Just THINK It!' Gospel Magic Object Lesson
- 'Just BE It!' PowerPoint Object Lesson
- Interactive 'Just SAY It!' Story
Price: $10.00

Fear is a crippling factor in the lives of millions of children! But you can make a difference! You can help your children discover the so simple and yet so powerful truth that God's love will help them conquer their fears!

The message presented in this complete children's ministry service can change forever how you and your kids handle fearful situations.

It includes:
-Detailed Outline for Service
-1 Incredibly Fun Crowdbreaker Game (Fear the Love of Chocolate)
-1 Interactive Bible Story (Involving Everyone in the Room)
-1 Rebus Scripture Picture Verse - Isaiah 41:10 (PowerPoint)
-1 Gospel Balloon Twisting Lesson (extremely easy-to-do)
-1 Gospel Magic Trick (no sleight-of-hand)
-1 Real-To-Life Object Lesson
-1 Sermon (enhanced with PowerPoint presentation)
-1 PowerPoint Review Game

The entire lesson is reinforced with many powerful scriptures!

You will need the following for this lesson.
- Color Printer
- Cardstock or Photo Paper
- Scissors or Paper Cutter
- Marker
- 1 260Q (animal twist) Balloon
- A Flashlight & Batteries
- 1 Bag of Miniature Candy Bars

This lesson was specially created to be easy-to-do with minimal preparation!
Price: $10.00

Here is a remarkably creative game that your kids will enjoy playing while learning scripture!

Each game challenges the group to find the correctly hidden path across the game board. With each correct move, another portion of the theme scripture is revealed!

By repeating the verse from the beginning each time a correct move is made, your group will be reviewing the scripture over and over again! A GREAT way to get the Word into their hearts!

This collection of Strategize Games features Scriptures all about the Love of God. (Ps. 40:11, Ps. 59:16, Ps. 63:3, Ps. 103:11, Ps. 107:8, and 1 John 4:9)

Great for any time and any service. Exceptional for events for Valentines Day!
Price: $3.00

It is all about 3! Can You Answer the Question -What do these three share in common?

Each of the 26 rounds of play presents 3 clues and an extra special secret hint if needed.

In this Special Edition of TRIO, you will explore seventeen Famous Couples from the Bible.

It's Bible Trivia with a Twist!

This version is great for any time of year, but exceptionally good for your Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day events!

You can have this in your hands today and use it at home or in this week?s class!
Price: $3.00

S3 - Super Sword Search is a blast of a game that your kids will thoroughly enjoy!

It is a contemporary and innovative update on the classic Bible Sword Drill.

This Teacher-Moderated game features verses themed on the topic of Love of God. It all starts with a delightful musically animated introduction with fun fireworks and sound effects. The Fireworks Frenzy theme in this game is exciting all year, and really goes well with the holidays! Each game board includes creative features so you can
-determine exactly when to start each round
-decide whether to show the verse on screen
-allow contestants or teams to uncover bonus points
-or skip directly to the next game board.

This excellent interactive game is designed to use in PowerPoint 2003.

You may decide to divide into teams, or have each game up for grabs to see who is the first in the room to find it! Either way, your kids are going to love it!
Price: $3.00

This effect features two separate lessons!

You have two sets of cards. Each set contains the words Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.

The four cards are mixed thoroughly by a volunteer while spelling the words, God, Jesus, and Faith. After each word is spelled, the two top cards are removed and placed off to the side, until four sets of cards are produced. When this is finished, you turn over the four pairs of cards. Each pair match exactly!

Note: George Sprague also has the colors of the words on the cards so they are similar to the colors of the "Wordless Book." This adds to each presentation.

The cards are completely un-gimmicked and may be examined. No sleight-of-hand is required.

You will need 4 pieces of cardstock and glue to prepare this effect.
Price: $6.00
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