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Admit, Believe, Confess Gospel Magic

You will powerfully present a strong Gospel message with this amazing effect by George Sprague!

Using a common acronym for witnessing, A – B – C, you are sure to make an eternal impact on all those with whom you share this!

You display the backs of three cards. After closing the fan you show the bottom card to have the word Admit printed on it. Then you show the top and middle cards have ‘Admit’ printed on them as well. Making a gesture, such as snapping your fingers, you then reveal the bottom card has changed to the word Believe. And, amazingly the top and middle cards have also changed to ‘Believe.’ Gesturing again, you reveal that all three cards have changed again to the word, Confess.

The effect is done with no sleight-of-hand and is very easy-to-do with minimal preparation!

You will need 2 pieces of cardstock and glue to prepare this effect.