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Back-to-School Olympics Spiritual School Supplies Lesson

Spiritually Challenging
Highly Motivational
Strong Scriptural Foundation
Attention Keeping
Interactive Format

This WONDERFUL Back-to-School lesson is filled with creatively unique team relay events that your students will love!

Flexible for Any Size Group
Effective With or Without a Computer

Your kids will thoroughly enjoy the School-Themed Olympic-Styled Events – Pack-a-Backpack, Trendy Trousseau Relay, Tumblers of Truth Relay, and Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay! Each event brings forth and reinforces one of the truths below while the children have an absolute blast discovering their ‘Spiritual School Supplies!’

‘Back-to-School Olympics: Your Spiritual School Supplies!’ is an incredibly creative way to bring the importance and reality of God back into your student’s lives while they are back in school! This full lesson covers an enormous abundance of scriptural teaching on:
Fruit of the Spirit
Armor of God
Word of God
and, Power of the Holy Spirit

Kids want to have fun and you want them to experience the power of God in their lives. Much like the ‘Go for the Gold!’ lesson, this lesson provides an opportunity for your children to have the best time ever in a church service while you thoroughly instill divine strength into their hearts!

Every child in your group can easily be involved throughout this entire lesson – No Matter The Class Size!

That?’ correct! The remarkable design of this lesson will easily work for any size group. It is great for Sunday School, Children’s Church, Mid-Week Services, School Chapels, and Special Events!

Here is an overview: Get Up and GO! PowerPoint Game, Opening Theme and Rebus Puzzle of Deuteronomy 33:25, Four Energy-Using and Attention Getting Wacky Relay Events, Altar Time, and Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
-Pack-a-Backpack: a backpack and selection of school supplies for each team
-Trendy Trousseau Relay: an oversized shirt, pants, and hat for each team
-Tumblers of Truth Relay: balloons and a combination lock for each team
-Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay: small round balloons and an oversized shirt for each team

Included Extras!
-90 second music clip to play during Wacky Relay Events
-Printable Rebus Puzzle in a handout format.

This is a year-round service that works incredibly well for outreaches and also as a lesson around the back to school time!

Full PowerPoint presentation is included, but you will also find it exceptionally easy to do without a computer if you do not have one available!