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Redeeming A Generation Resource Kit

“For many children, the virtual reality that they experience in their daily computer environments has become more real than the spiritual environment which can and should be taking place between them and God.”

“We must lead them to experience what is true reality in God.”
Pastor Gary R. Linn

The time has come for us to bring our children back into an experiential relationship with their Heavenly Father. The “Redeeming A Generation” Resource Kit provides you with a powerful and practical set of tools to lead your children to recognize God at work in their everyday lives.

It is my earnest prayer to challenge you to heartily, heroically, compassionately, and fearlessly shape a generation for God. You and I must lead our children to realize and experience what is true reality in contrast to what is perceived reality.

This resource kit includes a comprehensive 13-chapter e-book, a set of 18 PowerPoint presentations, and a set of high-quality images for MediaShout-type of programs.

These life-changing ideas can be used in any setting: Children’s Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Kids’ Clubs, Bible Study, etc…

Note: Special Thanks to Rev. Billy Burns of “Ignite the Supernatural Conferences” for encouraging me to put this resource together. Billy, you are a true champion for children’s ministry and a great friend! – P.G.

Refreshing for the Children’s Minister Leadership E-Book

Frustrated? Hurting? Disillusioned? Discouraged? Looking for insight from someone who understands your divine calling to Children’s Ministry?

You can be victoriously refreshed day by day!

This 71-page collection of 27 “Personal Words of Challenge and Encouragement” has ministered to thousands of Children’s Ministry Leaders around the world. Be refreshed as Rev. Gary R. Linn shares insights from his heart. God has truly ordained and used these thoughtful and caring words of understanding and encouragement at just the exact moment so many leaders have needed them.

Everyone experiences times of trial and testing. Stresses build and challenges increase. Learning to focus on these uplifting God-given insights will keep you headed in the right direction on a path filled with victory and confidence.

Refreshing for the Children’s Minister insightfully brings direction and understanding to numerous issues all of us face (many of which are unique to children’s ministry) and is an absolutely inspiring collection of Spirit-led thoughts and challenges.

Leader’s Comments:
“This is an excellent book and a must-read for anyone who ministers to children, staff or volunteer.” – Pastor Jason Yon

Refreshing for the Children’s Minister is a let us get back to the basics of our first love. What are we really doing in our ministry? What does God want us to truly proclaim is my favorite chapter. – Pastor Tim Carpenter

–Note from Gary–
I wholeheartedly believe this e-book will refresh you and your ministry and renew the greatness God has placed within you. I pray a blessing upon this book to be a daily source of inspiration and refreshing for you, your family, and your ministry! –Rev. Gary R. Linn

SPECIAL NOTE: – You can receive this eBook FREE just by signing up for the CMToday eNewsletter in the side column!

Empowering the Children’s Minister Leadership E-Book

Empowering the Children’s Minister: Key to Winning the World for the Lord Jesus Christ brings you face-to-face with the awesome realization of your distinctive calling and the empowerment given to you directly from God to fulfill the call placed on your life. The Children’s Minister holds a unique office selected by God. This vital position is filled with remarkable talents, abilities, insights, and vision which benefit the entire church body and are a propelling force behind the growth of the Kingdom of God across the world.

Exploring these essential elements from scripture will uphold you and facilitate you in implementing the power and authority placed within you by God for your calling!

It is imperative that you are fully empowered for ministry as you reach the children in today’s world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book brings a fresh inside look to the heart and importance of ministry to children. Every person involved in ministry will benefit from these insights from scripture and drawn from the practical hands-on experience of more than 25 years in Children’s Ministry. This dynamic book is now exclusively available through CMT to download today!

Leader’s Comments:
Gary, as children’s pastors there are so many “idea” books out there, but Empowering the Children’s Minister is all about empowering, stirring and challenging the heart of the children’s minister. Proverbs says, “Out of the heart flow the issues of life..” so unless we feed and empower our hearts, our ‘ideas’ become lifeless. I recommend this book to every children’s minister. – Pastor Tim Carpenter

“Gary hits numerous key insights in “Empowering the Childrens Minister” that empower childrens ministers in the fight for children’s souls today. Its thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring–applicable to each individuals life and relationship with Christ. Thanks so much, Gary, for challenging me and helping me in this crucial area!” – Pastor Randy Christensen

–Note from Gary–
I wholeheartedly believe this e-book will elevate your ministry and propel you toward releasing the greatness God has placed within you. This e-book will marvelously challenge you to understanding how God has empowered you for the ‘Greater Works’ God has designed for you to accomplish. I pray a blessing upon this book to be a daily source of motivation and empowerment for you, your family, and your ministry!
–Rev. Gary R. Linn

75 Object Lesson Collection Ebook

Here are three great Object Lesson books combined into one download!

Each book contains 25 creative object lessons – totaling 75 Object Lessons!

Book 1 = Contagious Concepts Topics: God’s love, service-2, God’s care, judgment, prayer, forgiveness, Commandment One-2, Commandment Two-2, Commandment Three-1, Commandment Four-2, Commandment Five-1, Commandment Six-2, Commandment Seven-2, Commandment Eight-2, Commandment Nine-1, Commandment Ten-2

Book 2 = Efficacious Epitomes Topics: commitment, Bible reading, service-4, God’s omnipresence, names of God, obedience, overcoming temptation, praise, repentance, prayer, God’s care, God’s friendship, perseverance/faithfulness, faith, compromise, self-esteem, Good Shepherd, protection, salvation-2, fear, God’s plan.

Book 3 = Vivacious Visuals Topics: God’s plan-3, God can do impossible, service-4, strength in trial, carelessness, Scripture inspired, commitment, obedience-2, God’s names, temptation, witnessing-2, healing, God’s view of prejudice, prayer, miracles, self-esteem, forgiveness, unforgiveness/grudges.

The Ultimate in Classroom Participation E-Book

Involve EVERYONE with this captivatingly interactive teaching method!
(It is Easy and Fun at the Same Time!)

Mop & Broom Interactive Storytelling is the absolute best media for audience participation we have ever seen or used! It is wonderfully adaptable to any situation and/or classroom size.

No Practice Needed!

You can use hand or rod puppets, mops, brooms, and even people to portray the characters in these skits! With your audience creating humorous sound effects while you present each story, this quickly becomes a one-of-a kind learning experience!

“The Ultimate in Classroom Participation” contains
All the “How-To’s”
Mop/Broom Character Construction Guide
21 Clever Scripts

Topics include: peer pressure, reputation, temper, disobedience, Armor of God, Sword of Spirit (Bible), submission, commitment, witnessing, doing your best, faith, strength from God, salvation, joy, direction from God’s Word, temptation, Bible reading, overcome evil with good, respect for God or Samuel, God’s love or Prodigal Son, missions.

Picture Perfect – Fold-Over Trick Cartoons – Ebook

This Fantastic Concept for Trick Cartooning by Rev. Greg Lichi features fold-over cartoons with surprise endings.

Watch a little girl fold into a candle, the ark of the covenant fold to God on His throne, a robe fold to the word SIN…

This extremely popular resource is now available as an EBook! It includes:

-15 cartoon designs
-Fully scripted lessons for each drawing
-Extra lesson topic ideas for each drawing
-Master sheet for making a transparency of all drawings

Topics: Achan-disobedience, Joseph-obedience, David’s Anointing-help of Holy Spirit, Ark of Covenant-God’s presence, Bible reading, prayer, Moses and golden calf-priorities, Philip-witnessing, truth sets free, provision or needs, cheerfulness, worry, Abe Lincoln-following God, heaven or salvation, Deborah and Barak-God’s plan, Widow’s coins-offerings and sacrifice

For notes on how even a non-artist can do this inspiring and attention-grabbing teaching method, read the article on How to Do Trick Cartooning.

Also: See a Sample HERE

Ventriloquism Is For Dummies!

Award-winning scripts!

Here are 13 wonderful routines featuring an elderly gentleman character, including the “Gold Medal Winner”, “Parable of the Lost Sheep!”

These are also great skits for Hand Puppets!

Take advantage of its Easy-To-Do Guide for learning ventriloquism!

Topics and Stories include:
Salvation – “The Prodigal Son”
Prayer – “Daniel”
The Bible – “Jeremiah and Baruch”
Witnessing – “Jonah”
Faithfulness – “Stephen”
God Loves Us – “Parable of the Lost Sheep”
Salvation – “Red Sea”
Resisting Temptation – “Moses Hits The Rock”
God Will Help Us – “Israel Fights the Amalekites”
Follow God’s Way – “The Twelve Spies”
Faithfulness – “The Golden Calf”
Second Coming – “The Promised Land”
Self-Esteem – “God Calls Moses”

Family Time Can Be Fun

When Was the Last Time You had Fun Family Devotions?

You can start today with these exciting, activity-oriented devotions for the family to do together.

Each devotion includes:
– Family activity or outing
– Scripture reading
– Family Interaction relating the outing to topic.

Topics: wisdom, fear of death, doers of Word, excuses, listening to God, creation, family commitment, God’s plan for individual, Christmas, time with God, faith, thought life, dying to sin, second coming, prayer, peer pressure.

Shape-Shifting Gospel Balloon Creations Ebook

A Whole New Twist in the World of Ballooning-Morphing Balloons

Now Available As An eBook!

See a star change into baby Jesus on the hay, Jesus on the cross turn into an Easter lily, and the prodigal son’s pig change into the ring from his father.
Artist and performer, Eric Gagnon, created six shape-shifting sculptures that will captivate your kids.

–Over 150 Photos
–Step by Step Instructions
–Full Lessons Included

Topics: Satan’s deceptions, God’s provision or worrying, Easter, The Exodus or God’s power, Prodigal Son or following God’s plan, Christmas.

I just received my copy of Shape-Shifting Gospel Balloon Creations. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! The pictures are good with clear instructions. They are all fairly easy, the hardest one is Star to baby Jesus on Hay. Each figure comes with a complete Bible lesson which can be told while one is twisting. I find that all the figures are usable in a Ministry type setting. The lessons are good and clearly written. I can honestly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different, or looking to offer something new and different.
— Sir Twistalot (Kevin Nagel)

Switchable Sketchables E-Book

12 Really Cool Optical Illusion Sketches
See an elderly woman transform to a beauty queen, a veiled lady to a sheik, an American Indian to a hungry man, two gossiping ladies to satan…
Full lesson included for each sketch!

Topics: Fruit of Spirit, trusting God, salvation, personal guidance, guard against evil, gossip, authority or leadership, communion, divisions in church and witnessing, God’s faithfulness, judging others, friendship