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Christmas Concentration Game

20 MARVELOUS Concentration Puzzle Games!

All puzzles are themed around the Christmas celebration. Each round your kids will uncover Rebus ‘picture words’ while figuring out the hidden Christmas message!

12 Names of Christmas Interactive Lesson

This Christmas-themed lesson is the “MOST DELICIOUS KIDS’ LESSON EVER!”

It’s Printable – Projectable AND Edible!

How AWESOME is that?!?

There are many “Names of Christmas” but Jesus will always be the name your volunteer chooses to declare what Christmas is all about!

Powerful Emphasis: So many names! God’s love is expressed through so many marvelous promises and prophecies! Still, God’s love, His promises, and His plan of salvation are all wrapped up into one name, JESUS!

Share the beautiful gift of salvation this Christmas season through this creatively interactive lesson using a jumbo cookie and 12 names pointing to the Christmas story.

Wonderfully Adaptable: This lesson is marvelously adaptable to any size group. Use the included PowerPoint version for large groups! Use the printable version for medium to small groups or one on one! Use the edible cookie version for groups, parties, or one on one!

Special Note: This is a powerful standalone lesson, and also makes a great addition to the “Characters of Christmas” 2 Kids’ Worship Service set!

Christmas Kit 3

-“What Do You Like About Christmas?” -Gospel Magic Object Lesson
-“Pointing the Way to Jesus” -Gospel Magic Object Lesson
-“The Amazing Pointing Star” -Gospel Magic Object Lesson
-“Powerful Cut & Restored Rope” -Gospel Magic Object Lesson

Christmas Kit 2

-“What’s the BIG DEAL about Christmas” -Kids’ Worship Service
-“Christmas Star” -Paper-Fold Lesson
-“Signs of the Season” -PowerPoint Game

Christmas Kit 1

-“I’m in the Christ of Christmas” -Kids’ Worship Service
-“Born to Completely Save” -Paper-Fold Lesson
-“Christmas Brain Teasers” -PowerPoint Game

What’s the BIG DEAL about Christmas?

This is a MARVELOUSLY FUN Kids’ Worship Service for Christmas!

This kid-interactive service creatively illustrates the choices of key people from the Christmas story in God’s plan of salvation, culminating in a strong salvation emphasis of the choice that is now theirs to personally meet Jesus as their Savior, because, as the angels’ announced, “He is a Savior born to you!”

This kids’ service is cleverly structured in a similar format as the ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ television show where each of your volunteers will come forward to make a choice and try to win the BIG DEAL under the Christmas gifts used to illustrate your message! Most importantly, the real meaning (deal) about Christmas that is usually lost in the hustle and bustle of all the festivities clearly brings your kids face-to-face with their own life-changing Christmas choice for a new life in Jesus, freed from the power and harm of sin!

In this lesson you will use:

  • 6 Gift Boxes
  • 6 Small Prizes (candy, toy, card, etc… -your choice)
  • 12 Pictures (included to print)
  • Trinket for Each Student (optional)

What Do You Like About Christmas?


Still, when you ask “What Do You Like About Christmas,” you will hear all sorts of answers. No matter what the response, you can always find a way to use their response to point them back to the greatest reason to like Christmas…

Here’s what happens when you use this “What Do You Like About Christmas” Gospel Magic Lesson. Select up to four volunteers to secretly pick a picture from a set of cards that indicates what they like about Christmas. Then, go back through the cards and reveal each of your volunteers’ secret choice! How did you know each volunteer’s choice? Well, that is the secret to this wonderfully easy-to-do Gospel Magic Object Lesson!

You will use each of your volunteers’ choice to help teach the lesson and then bring it all together in presenting the greatest reason to like Christmas!

It’s All About Family – Gospel Magic Lesson

When we have times to be together with those we love and who love us, that is what makes holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc… so very special and important to our lives.

In this Gospel Magic Object Lesson, ‘It’s All About Family,’ you show three jumbo cards and ask your volunteer to choose one. It is a COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE! Regardless of his decision, you can instantly show that his choice was the correct one by revealing a prediction that has been hidden in plain sight all along.

Using the three picture illustrations of HOME, FAMILY, and DINNER TIME, your group will discover how God has given them people in their lives to be their family, to learn from them, spend time with them, and love them.

Print and fold the cards and you are set to go!

Signs of the Season Christmas Game

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GAME with 20 Interactive Puzzles to Solve!

This is a creative spin on the ‘all-time favorite’ TV ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show! Click a letter and if it is in the puzzle it appears!

Can You Guess What’s On The Church Sign?

Features 20 Famous Phrases From the Christmas Story!

Two PowerPoint versions included so all versions of PC PowerPoint work!

Born To Completely Save – Paper Fold Lesson

A paper fold is one of the easiest creative arts-style methods to captivate your kids while teaching the Gospel!

In this “Born to Save Completely” Paper Fold, using step-by-step picture instructions, you will easily create a beautiful paper poinsettia, the Christmas flower.

Going a step beyond kids’ common knowledge that Jesus was born to save us from sin, the lesson ends with 6 rarely known aspects of the word “save,” and expressing that Jesus “saving” us is –like the poinsettia– even more beautiful than we imagined. Jesus came to restore to us the very meaning of life, knowing God!