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No Fear Here! Gospel Magic Object Lesson

Attention Keeping! Simple to Do!

Your students will discover that a person whose life’s reference point is Christ has an unshakable joy, peace, and hope!

  • Five folded cards are displayed to your audience.
  • Volunteers narrow the five folded cards down to one card without knowing what is pictures are inside the cards.
  • One by one, the four unselected cards are shown to be four ‘reference points’ people often have in life.
  • When the selected card is shown, it reveals Jesus Christ to be the ‘Reference Point’ around whom our lives should revolve.

This is a fully scripted 15 minute lesson!

Why Scream When You Can SHOUT!?! – Event Service & Kit

This could be the loudest church event you have ever had!

Loudness, fun, and excitement go together in your kids’ view of an amazing Fall Fest Event! This “Why Scream When You Can Shout!?!” Fall Fest Service & Event Day Combo is your opportunity to give your kids all the loudness, fun, and excitement they expect and desire while you effectively accomplish the eternal purposes of revealing how they can live a winning life in Christ!

The lesson focus comes from the idea that there is a difference between screaming and shouting. You

-“Scream” when you believe that you are defeated or
-“Shout” when you know that you have won!

1 Corinthians 15:57 says that each believer has already “won” through Jesus! Why, then, do we see so many Christian kids (and adults) become fearful or defeated? Because they do not know how to live life with Jesus! This fantastic Fall Fest event/party experience will not only make your kids SHOUT with excitement but SHOUT with joy as they discover 5 kid-relevant ways to win everyday by living life with Jesus!

“Why Scream When You Can Shout!?!” Fall Fest Service & Event Day Combo is:

–flexible for your group size
–adjustable in time length
–relevant to churched or non-churched kids
–can be done as a super-exciting stand alone kids’ service
–includes instructions for over 20 carnival-style games to complete a full 2-3 hour Fall Fest Outreach event

What’s Behind the Mask? – Salvation Lesson

NO Sleight-of-Hand is needed for this remarkably powerful salvation magic object lesson!

It’s PERFECT for parties and special events or times of the year that feature costumes.

You will use these drama masks to represent the masks we wear by saying and doing things that hide the person we truly are on the inside. (Your topics include: Truth, Fear, Anger, Pain, Self, Motive) Your volunteer freely selects a card.

Your group will then discover how God sent His Son to earth to become our Savior and put an end to the harmful masks we wear as you reveal your volunteer’s selected card is JESUS!


  • 7 Printable Cards
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Fully-Scripted Lesson

Mystery of Death on the Nile Passover Lesson

An Absolutely AWESOME Adventure & Lesson!

Note from Gary & Alisa:
Gary & Alisa LinnWe just want you to know up front that we believe this lesson is one of the most incredibly creative lesson available on the CMT website! The first portion of the lesson features a wonderful movie-like intro with great theme music and an intriguing storyline centering around an “Indiana Jones”-type of character named Dr. R. Colly Gist who involves your class in his latest discovery along the banks of the Nile. You are going to positively love using this no preparation needed lesson!

Complete Lesson / Service

This interactive lesson follows the adventure of Dr. R. Colly Gist while on expedition in Egypt! His expert team of assistants (your class) will solve several puzzles which give key aspects of the account of the tenth plague that struck Egypt. As the exploration unfolds, a link between the Passover and the Israelites survival is discovered. An obvious connection is then made to the new covenant in which Christ is our Passover Lamb.

Here is what you need for this life-changing lesson.
– PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint viewer is necessary
– Passover/Communion bread and juice for each child (optional)
– Almost no preparation is needed (other than prayer!)
(Just read through it and Go!)

Motivating, Educating, Entertaining, Life-Changing!

This is a Year-Round Service!
The “Powerful Invitation for Salvation
and title – “Mystery of Death on the Nile
also make this an excellent service for Halloween and Harvest Festival events!
Lots of Scripture! Lots of Interaction! Powerful!

FALL FESTIVAL Trunk or Treat Event Kit!

A Creatively Fun, Easy-to-Do, Captivating for ALL AGES Harvest Festival, Fall Festival, or Halloween Alternative!

This Event Night Kit includes:

  • – Audience Participation Service
  • – Detailed Outline for Easy-to-Do Trunk or Treat Event
  • – 21 Carnival-Style Game Descriptions
  • – Award Certificates
  • and more!

Trunk or Treat is a wonderful way to involve your entire congregation with very little prep!

The carnival-style games use homemade or very inexpensive props suitable for all ages.

BEST of ALL – The Audience Participation Service involves everyone in your room! The lesson focuses on the truth of ‘I do not need to be afraid. God is with me!’ You will interactively present several Bible stories of how God was interactively involved with Samuel, Gideon, Solomon, the Disciples, and others during the night. These stories are creatively connected together through the theme ‘BUMP in the Night’ which leads your group to discover that, ‘When things go bump in the night, I can say, I am not afraid. God is with me.’ You can use it as a standalone Sunday service, or plug it into your Fall Festival Event for your main rally time!

Fear Not! Service & Event Combo Kit

Looking for something creatively fun and exciting for your Harvest Festival or Fall Festival?

The Fear Not! Service and Event Combo Kit includes everything you need to plan a highly-interactive experience for your kids during the week of their Halloween activities!

The interactive service features games and contests that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats and really drive home the theme verse, ‘Do not be afraid’ as spoken by Jesus in John 14:27!

You can use it as a standalone Sunday service, or plug it into your Fall Festival Event for your main rally time!

Here is what is included:

  • A Complete Service titled S.C.A.R.E. Tactics: Removing the Grip of Fear
  • Detailed Outline for a 2-Hour Family Fun Event
  • Creatively Themed Snack Ideas and Recipes
  • Editable Poster to Advertise Your Event (Word Doc.)
  • 17 Easy-to-Put-Together Game Station Ideas
  • Reproducible Game Station Passport Book for Each Student
  • 10 Reproducible Scripture Stickers for Game Station Passport Book
  • Costume Contest Themes and Ideas
  • Supporting PowerPoint and more!

This is a powerful event and service to lead your community to come to know Christ!

ULTIMATE Match-Up Challenge Gameshow Lesson

An Absolutely AWESOME Lesson!
This extremely creative lesson features a gameshow theme where everyone in your class gets a chance to participate in the excitement!

You become the host of “The ULTIMATE Match-Up Challenge Gameshow” which features 16 rounds of interactive challenges!

Your kids will discover a dash of Deal or No Deal, a pinch of Scattergories, a hint of Memory, and a bit of Double-Dare all packed into a wonderful encounter with God’s Holy Word!

Your theme verse powerfully comes from Genesis 8:22 and is reinforced through the Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13.

Throughout this gameshow adventure, you will also explore Psalm 119:11, 1 Peter 1:23, Isaiah 55:11, Proverbs 7:1-3, and John 1:1!

There are a couple options included for closing your gameshow, depending on the type of setting in which you decide to present this remarkable lesson.

Lots of Scripture!
Lots of Gameshow-Styled Interaction!
Lots of Fun!

Here is what you need to present this great lesson.
4 Bibles (identical is preferred)
16 paper lunch bags
$1 dollar bill
15 pennies
bag of miniature marshmallows
4 straws
4 bananas
plates & napkins
4 bowls or cups
PowerPoint is preferred

This is a Year-Round Service that works incredibly well in any setting or age group! With the Seedtime and Harvest theme, it works exceptionally well for Special Fall Events and services!

Bible Bookworm Trivia- Creeping Edition

Fun for the Entire Church!

This inspiring volume of the Bible Bookworm game features trivia questions all about -Creeping or Creepy- and is sure to delight all ages!

This wonderfully interactive Teacher-Moderated game features an animated musical intro!

Each of the 30 rounds includes several multiple choice answers to choose from and scoreboards for two teams!

Designed for use in PowerPoint 2003, this highly colorful and interactive game is wonderful to use as a crowd-breaker, time-filler, special event opening, and most any time you just want to have some wholesome fun!

Every Day is a Holiday Complete Lesson

Today’s Youth Need to Learn About
Holiness and Sanctification!

This world is desperately crying out for a generation that has returned to a solid God-inspired and God-directed life!

‘Every Day is a Holiday’ explores the powerful impact kids can make on their world as they live holy and sanctified lives before God.

Your group will quickly discover that the origin of “holiday” was firmly founded as a day that is to be a Holy Day!

This is one of those ‘MUST BE TAUGHT’ lessons for every believer.

Here’s an overview:
– Where Did That Come From? Crowd Breaker PowerPoint Game
– Opening Theme
– Gospel Magic Object Lesson
– Rebus Puzzle of 1 Peter 1:16
– Mix and Match Group Activity Interactive Object Lesson
– Gospel Magic Rope Trick
– Altar Time
– and Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
– 7 paper lunch bags
– marker
– scissors
– 3 feet of cotton rope, clothesline cord, or heavy twine

Included Extras!
-30 second music clip to play during Mix and Match Group Activity
-Printable Rebus Puzzle in a handout format.
-List of holidays by country
-List of holidays in U.S.

This is a Year-Round Service that works incredibly well for outreaches and also as a lesson during any holiday season!

Full PowerPoint presentation is included, but you will also find it exceptionally easy-to-do without a computer if you do not have one available!