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What’s the Word for Father’s Day? – REMARKABLE LESSON

“What’s the Word” for FATHER’S DAY-New Kids’ Ministry Game & Lesson Download parodies the popular app!

This new downloadable KidMin lesson is a spin-off of the popular app and gives your kids’ ministry a brilliant lesson created by 19 games that teach points from God vital for our families to live “well,” as in Deuteronomy 4:40:

  • – Obeying God’s instructions will cause your family’s lives to go well.
  • – A good father is happy to obey God’s instructions.
  • – A good father is a model for his family of a godly life.
  • – A good father trains his family in God’s Word.
  • – A good father handles his own family well.

Ultimately, each person participating in this service, whether kids, or adults and kids in an all-family service, will be challenged believe in God’s almighty power to bring healing to their individual families so that it’s members are happy to obey God and their lives can go “well!”

If you have never experienced this INCREDIBLY POPULAR game app, here is what you can expect from the “What’s the Word for Father’s Day?” spin-off.

After then Intro Round, there are four rounds of play, each climaxing with a KEYWORD you use for your teaching/discussion point. Each game consists of 4 pictures, an empty grid showing how many letters are in the word to be solved, a grid of 12 letters to use in solving the secret word, a HELP icon (when clicked reveals one letter), and a PROBLEM SOLVERS icon to solve the secret word.

Each game shows 4 pictures that have one word in common among them. For example, if you see a fish bowl, a cereal bowl, someone bowling, and a pet food bowl, the word is BOWL!

Our Perfect Father

Anyone can do this lesson Gospel Magic Object Lesson! There is no slight of hand involved and it can really play well for humor and audience participation. Plus, the Gospel lesson is a message every person should hear. “God is our perfect heavenly Father. God shows us throughout all of scripture what He does and what He is like. There are many words we can use to describe God, our perfect Father.”

You will use one volunteer who will randomly select a name or item from a list. Your volunteer will then relate their selection to one name from a second list. Amazingly, you will ALWAYS know what they have selected!

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has step-by-step instructions with full Gospel lesson.

All you need the following to present this illusion is:
– Color Printer
– Paper (cardstock adds a lot to the effect)
– Scissors

God’s Mighty Men – Lesson/Game Combo

Wherever you minister, there is always the need for more people who will step up and follow the examples of these Mighty Men of God and live out these God-given attributes.  Give your kids the chance to grasp hold of the vision that they can each be like God’s Mighty Men and change their world!  We are putting this out at a time that fits incredibly well with Father’s Day-themed services and events, but, whether or not you need a Father’s Day lesson, this is a service from the heart of God that every group of believers needs to hear!

Mighty Men of God is purposely developed to be flexible for your situation

-It can be used with or without PowerPoint
-Large or small group
-Short or long service
-15 to 30 minute segment
-OR 1 hour service
-OR 4 week curriculum
-Cue cards for the teacher are also provided

It’s All About Family – Gospel Magic Lesson

When we have times to be together with those we love and who love us, that is what makes holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc… so very special and important to our lives.

In this Gospel Magic Object Lesson, ‘It’s All About Family,’ you show three jumbo cards and ask your volunteer to choose one. It is a COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE! Regardless of his decision, you can instantly show that his choice was the correct one by revealing a prediction that has been hidden in plain sight all along.

Using the three picture illustrations of HOME, FAMILY, and DINNER TIME, your group will discover how God has given them people in their lives to be their family, to learn from them, spend time with them, and love them.

Print and fold the cards and you are set to go!

Mothers, Fathers, & Kids…Oh My! FUNdamental Family Life Series 3 Complete Services

I am EXTREMELY excited to get this Three-Service series online! After the REMARKABLY WONDERFUL response to the CandyLand lessons from both my kids and children’s ministry leaders from around the globe, we started developing this series of services. –Pastor Gary

This set of three complete Bible Lessons explores God’s guide to a healthy and happy family! With over 60 scripture verses that detail God’s design for mothers, fathers, and children, your kids will truly have a strong scriptural foundation of family values.

Your group will thoroughly enjoy the interactive way the classic game of Chutes and Ladders is used to creatively present the lessons: All About Mothers, All About Fathers, and All About Kids!

Here are just a couple of highlights.
-All lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare
-Works with ANY SIZE Group of kids.
-EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE for presentation.
-Print out the cards provided OR use the included PowerPoint.

Just grab the Chutes & Ladders game and you are ready to go!

AWESOME RESOURCE for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and Father’s Day or to teach Core Family Values!

Holy Word Squares Game

A Fantastically, Fabulous Game You Can
Use Over and Over Again!
This Creative “Spin-off” from one of Television’s Longest Running Game Shows is perfect for so many different settings!

Children’s Church, Mid-Week Classes, Church Schools,
VBS, Kids Crusades, Kids Camps, etc…
This game set comes complete with one master game template which you can edit to include your very own questions and answers!

Plus, it also has four pre-made games to play immediately after downloading. (In case you need something ready to go within the next 5 minutes!) The four pre-made games feature Jesus, Women of the Bible, Men of the Bible, and Books of the Bible.

You will need PowerPoint to edit the master template.

Check out this flash preview!

It’s a FAMILY Thing! Complete Service

Healing the family is one more step toward healing the world!
This wonderfully interactive service uses the word FAMILY as an acronym to impart the God-given structure & purpose of the family.

Here is a short line-up of what is in store!
– The Circle of Family Life (a “follow the bouncing ball” experience through Proverbs 17:6
– Riddle of the Day
– 8 Music clips for exploring the concept of the spiritual atmosphere in the home
– 2 team relay demonstrating how the family works together
– A clever object lesson demonstrating how love binds a family together
– The Toilet Paper Game motivating children to become a helpful, active part of their families
– Family Squares Review Game

This motivational lesson can be done with or without PowerPoint!

Father God Gospel Magic

This extremely easy-to-do and self-working effect focuses on nine fathers, including Father God.

9 cards are placed on a board. The volunteer randomly chooses one to start with and then moves in any direction several different times. Some cards are removed each time. Your volunteer discovers that he has choosen the predicted card!

The lesson teaches that God realizes that sometimes we may not have the best examples to follow. He knows that sometimes our parents, and even ourselves when we become parents, may fail. So, He made a plan for that. God told us to look to Him as our example of a perfect Father! Jesus told us to pray to our Father in Heaven. In Romans 8, Paul reminds us that, as Christians, we are children of God and call Him, ‘Abba (or Daddy), Father.’

A wonderful effect for anytime of year, but does exceptionally well for Father’s Day!

Note: This effect is included in the Spirit of Sonship lesson!

You will need the following to present this illusion.
– Printer
– Cardstock or Photo Paper
– Scissors or Paper Cutter

Spirit of Sonship Complete Lesson

This lesson explores the wonderful verse from Romans 8:15. “You did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.'”

You will use a clever gospel magic trick featuring 8 men from the Bible and Father God to show that Father God is the Perfect Father.

A gospel magic object lesson where water instantly turns to ice illustrates how the cliche’ ‘Like Father, Like Son’ proves itself through our relationship with Father God.

A humorous pictorial object lesson creatively teaches that each of us is indeed God’s Pride and Joy.

Your closing challenge focuses on Proverbs 10:1 as each one is encouraged to Make Father God Glad through a group activity involving everyone in the room!

Plus, you also have 3 more games: a great opening game with pictures of 10 adorable baby animals, a closing game with 10 review questions, and a Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle verse for Isaiah 64:8!

Note: This lesson is specifically designed to be extremely easy-to-do with a colorful PowerPoint presentation running throughout as well.

This lesson includes:
-Detailed Outline for Service
-An Fun Crowdbreaker Game (Can You Name That Baby?)
-1 Rebus Scripture Picture Verse – Isaiah 64:8 (PowerPoint)
-2 Easy-to-Do and No Sleight-of-Hand Gospel Magic Effects!
-1 Pictorial Object Lesson
-1 Group Activity Challenge Segment
-1 PowerPoint Review Game
-PowerPoint Presentation for to run the entire lesson.

You will need the following for this lesson.
– Marker
– Cardstock
– Printer
– Envelope
– Paper
– 2 Pencils
– 2 Cups
– Ice Cube
– Water
– Small Sponge
– Candle
– Matches

This is an absolutely wonderful lesson for any time of year! It also works extremely well as a lesson for Father’s Day!

Your Perfect Dad Ballooning Lesson

This is a wonderful Balloon Object Lesson that is sure to hit a home run! This meaningful lesson wonderfully presents the type of closeness God wants us to have with Him as our Father. This Scripture-Packed illustration will definitely make an impact on all who hear it. The design is so simple that you can do it even if you have never done any type of teaching with twist balloons.

Deut. 1:31, Ps. 68:5, 2 Cor. 1:3, 1 Jn. 3:1, Matt. 6:26-34 are just a few of the scriptures featured in this balloon baseball cap object sermon illustrating God as our Father.

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has step-by-step and fully illustrated instructions with a full Gospel lesson.

You will need two 260Q balloons to present this lesson.