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Lessons from the Land of Candy 2 Bible Lessons for Palm Sunday and Easter!

This set of two Bible Lessons for children explores the marvelous celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter through one of the Most Kid-Enticing Board Games EVER!

There are so many aspects that elevate this two-lesson series to a pinnacle of fun for your children. Here are just a couple of highlights.

  • Each lesson begins with a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and ACTION-FILLED activity used to explore the Bible story.
  • Each lesson uses the all-time favorite children’s game, “Candy Land,” as a tool for discovering six key points.
  • Both lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare.
  • Both lessons are suitable for ANY SIZE Group of kids.
  • Both Bible studies can be used for Children’s Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Service, Family Devotions, just about ANY SETTING!
  • Just Print, Play, and Predicate (that’s a P word for Teach)

Lessons are:
Palm Sunday Praise – using the Triumphal Entry of Jesus to explore all about PRAISING GOD! There are so many wonderful ways for us to praise our Lord God. Let’s excite and motivate our children to fill each day with praise to God!

EASTER in Candy Land – begins with the story of Nicodemus’ visit to Jesus, then creatively studies the events of the Easter story, how we receive salvation, and what it means to be ‘In Christ.’

BONUS FEATURE: These lessons are great for all ages 3 – adult.
Just grab the Candy Land game and you are ready to go!  (Oh yes, be sure the version you pick up has the Gingerbread, Peppermint, Gum Drop, Nut, Lollipop, and Ice Cream.)

Characters of Christmas 2 Complete Services

Two Festively Interactive Lessons!
Your group will enjoy the thrilling excitement of these Christmas services presented in a game show format!

Based on two highly popular television game shows, $100,000 Pyramid and Password, these EXTREMELY POPULAR Triangulation-themed lessons delve into all 12 characters from the Christmas story!

Countdown music and a 60 second timer create an attention-grabbing atmosphere as teammates exchange clues to discover each round’s secret Christmas Character.

After each of the 6 secret characters are revealed, points are awarded and insightful details about the Christmas characters are explored.

These 2 lessons work exceptionally well for the two Sundays leading up to Christmas, the Sundays before and after Christmas, or put them both together for a fun-filled event all about Christmas!

The 2 Lesson Themes Are:
-The Gift of Good News
-Seeing God’s Promise

A creative Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle is decoded to reveal each lessons theme verse.

Everything is included in this download for presenting these 2 lessons with or without computer projection!

– Large Game Board Cards
– Clue Cards for Each Round
– Rebus Scripture Picture Master for handouts or transparency
– Complete PowerPoint with Music and Timers
-(if not using PowerPoint, you may want a stopwatch)

Easy to Prepare and Fun to Present

Mothers, Fathers, & Kids…Oh My! FUNdamental Family Life Series 3 Complete Services

I am EXTREMELY excited to get this Three-Service series online! After the REMARKABLY WONDERFUL response to the CandyLand lessons from both my kids and children’s ministry leaders from around the globe, we started developing this series of services. –Pastor Gary

This set of three complete Bible Lessons explores God’s guide to a healthy and happy family! With over 60 scripture verses that detail God’s design for mothers, fathers, and children, your kids will truly have a strong scriptural foundation of family values.

Your group will thoroughly enjoy the interactive way the classic game of Chutes and Ladders is used to creatively present the lessons: All About Mothers, All About Fathers, and All About Kids!

Here are just a couple of highlights.
-All lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare
-Works with ANY SIZE Group of kids.
-EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE for presentation.
-Print out the cards provided OR use the included PowerPoint.

Just grab the Chutes & Ladders game and you are ready to go!

AWESOME RESOURCE for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and Father’s Day or to teach Core Family Values!

Thanksgiving Jeopardy – 2 Complete Service Set

Present two marvelous lessons which are perfect for any time of the year, but are exceptionally powerful when you are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Everyone loves the exciting game of Jeopardy.

Here is an exceptionally fun parody on this classic game that will powerfully present two lessons in an unforgettable way!

Some Features Include:
Theme Music, Animated Characters, Double Points, Sound Effects, Interactive Scoring, Thinking Music, Cheering Crowds

Yes, you can do this with or without PowerPoint, but if you have projection capability, you will definitely want to use it.

Almost NO preparation needed! FULLY SCRIPTED!

One service presents teaching using the word THANK as the central focus. Covers wide variety of reasons to thank and how to thank God.

The other lesson uses the word GIVE. Covers both aspects of God giving to us and us to God.

A 2nd Year of 10 Complete Holiday Services -pack 2

This wonderful collection of Complete Services gives you everything you need to make your Children’s Ministry Holiday Services an excitingly interactive experience all year long!

10 Holiday and Special Event Lessons:

Valentine’s Day – You Gotta Love It!
Palm Sunday – P.A.L.M.
Easter – Extra Special Easter Extravaganza
Mother’s Day – Make-Up of a Mother
Father’s Day – It’s a FAMILY Thing!
Independence Day – Freedom Jeopardy
Back-to-School – What’s In Your Backpack?
Fall Festival – Mystery of Death on the Nile Passover Lesson
Thanksgiving – Triangulation! Zeroing in on THANKS Lesson
Christmas – Shine Like Stars

A Year of 10 Complete Holiday Services -pack 1

This remarkable package of Complete Services gives you everything you need to make your Children’s Ministry Holiday Services an excitingly interactive experience.

With all of this, you will feel more stuffed than a turkey at Thanksgiving!

10 Holiday and Special Event Lessons:

New Year\’s – (Every Day is a Holiday – Lesson on Sanctification and Holiness)
Valentine’s Day – (Love Conquers the Fear Factor)
Easter – (He Rose for You)
Mother’s Day – (An EGGscellent Mother’s Day Lesson)
Father’s Day – (Spirit of Sonship)
Independence Day – (Covenant of Freedom)
Back-to-School – (Back-to-School Olympics)
Fall Festival – (The ULTIMATE Match-up Challenge Gameshow)
Thanksgiving – (Complete Thanksgiving Service)
Christmas – (Believe God for the Impossible)

Every Day is a Holiday Complete Lesson

Today’s Youth Need to Learn About
Holiness and Sanctification!

This world is desperately crying out for a generation that has returned to a solid God-inspired and God-directed life!

‘Every Day is a Holiday’ explores the powerful impact kids can make on their world as they live holy and sanctified lives before God.

Your group will quickly discover that the origin of “holiday” was firmly founded as a day that is to be a Holy Day!

This is one of those ‘MUST BE TAUGHT’ lessons for every believer.

Here’s an overview:
– Where Did That Come From? Crowd Breaker PowerPoint Game
– Opening Theme
– Gospel Magic Object Lesson
– Rebus Puzzle of 1 Peter 1:16
– Mix and Match Group Activity Interactive Object Lesson
– Gospel Magic Rope Trick
– Altar Time
– and Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
– 7 paper lunch bags
– marker
– scissors
– 3 feet of cotton rope, clothesline cord, or heavy twine

Included Extras!
-30 second music clip to play during Mix and Match Group Activity
-Printable Rebus Puzzle in a handout format.
-List of holidays by country
-List of holidays in U.S.

This is a Year-Round Service that works incredibly well for outreaches and also as a lesson during any holiday season!

Full PowerPoint presentation is included, but you will also find it exceptionally easy-to-do without a computer if you do not have one available!