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Turn Over a New Leaf – Gospel Magic Lesson

Remarkably Easy-to-Do and Outstandingly Strong Teaching!

Lead your kids in taking their relationship with God to a new level!  The lesson with this wonderful Gospel Magic effect challenges your kids to be committed to discovering God’s ways and goals in Scripture and through the voice of His Spirit.

Volunteers from your group will freely select four cards to set aside from a group of five cards, each picturing a large leaf.  Turning over each of the four leaves reveal large, humorous emoticons which you use to discuss four poor choices/lifestyles from the past that must be changed by “turning over a new leaf.”  Finally, you turn over the last chosen leaf to reveal a new lifestyle of obedience and friendship with Jesus.

Bible Bookworm Trivia- YEARS Edition

Fun for the Entire Church!

This colorful edition of the Bible Bookworm game features trivia questions all about ‘YEARS!’ It is sure to delight all ages!

–How many years old was Josiah when he became king?
–How many years did Joseph store food before Egypt’s famine?
–How many years did Paul rent a house in Rome?

This wonderfully interactive Teacher-Moderated game features an animated musical intro!

Each of the 30 rounds includes several multiple choice answers to choose from and scoreboards for two teams!

Designed for use in PowerPoint 2003, this highly colorful and interactive game is wonderful to use as a crowd-breaker, time-filler, special event opening, and most any time you just want to have some wholesome fun!

Great for New Year’s Events!

Every Day is a Holiday Complete Lesson

Today’s Youth Need to Learn About
Holiness and Sanctification!

This world is desperately crying out for a generation that has returned to a solid God-inspired and God-directed life!

‘Every Day is a Holiday’ explores the powerful impact kids can make on their world as they live holy and sanctified lives before God.

Your group will quickly discover that the origin of “holiday” was firmly founded as a day that is to be a Holy Day!

This is one of those ‘MUST BE TAUGHT’ lessons for every believer.

Here’s an overview:
– Where Did That Come From? Crowd Breaker PowerPoint Game
– Opening Theme
– Gospel Magic Object Lesson
– Rebus Puzzle of 1 Peter 1:16
– Mix and Match Group Activity Interactive Object Lesson
– Gospel Magic Rope Trick
– Altar Time
– and Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
– 7 paper lunch bags
– marker
– scissors
– 3 feet of cotton rope, clothesline cord, or heavy twine

Included Extras!
-30 second music clip to play during Mix and Match Group Activity
-Printable Rebus Puzzle in a handout format.
-List of holidays by country
-List of holidays in U.S.

This is a Year-Round Service that works incredibly well for outreaches and also as a lesson during any holiday season!

Full PowerPoint presentation is included, but you will also find it exceptionally easy-to-do without a computer if you do not have one available!