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Mission Possible: PS Game

In this explosive Mission Possible Sequel, you are a Secret (or is it Sacred) Agent on a mission to follow the story of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry by finding and revealing three key components Colt, Palm Branches and Hosanna!

Mission Possible: Palm Sunday includes many of the same elements that made it’s predecessors so EXTREMELY POPULAR!

This wonderfully interactive game features an incredible intro with heart-pumping theme music, animation, and fun sound effects!

You group will be enthralled as the mission objectives for the game are received via a specialized CPD, (computerized phone device), which self-destructs once the goals for the game have been transmitted.

Designed for use in PowerPoint 2003, this highly colorful and interactive game is wonderful to use with or without review questions from your lesson or any Bible trivia game.

Be the first person or team to find where Colt, Palm Branches and Hosanna have been concealed to win!

This is an awesome game for anytime of the year, but especially great for Palm Sunday and Easter!

Comes with plenty of game boards so you can play it over and over again!

Lessons from the Land of Candy 2 Bible Lessons for Palm Sunday and Easter!

This set of two Bible Lessons for children explores the marvelous celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter through one of the Most Kid-Enticing Board Games EVER!

There are so many aspects that elevate this two-lesson series to a pinnacle of fun for your children. Here are just a couple of highlights.

  • Each lesson begins with a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and ACTION-FILLED activity used to explore the Bible story.
  • Each lesson uses the all-time favorite children’s game, “Candy Land,” as a tool for discovering six key points.
  • Both lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare.
  • Both lessons are suitable for ANY SIZE Group of kids.
  • Both Bible studies can be used for Children’s Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Service, Family Devotions, just about ANY SETTING!
  • Just Print, Play, and Predicate (that’s a P word for Teach)

Lessons are:
Palm Sunday Praise – using the Triumphal Entry of Jesus to explore all about PRAISING GOD! There are so many wonderful ways for us to praise our Lord God. Let’s excite and motivate our children to fill each day with praise to God!

EASTER in Candy Land – begins with the story of Nicodemus’ visit to Jesus, then creatively studies the events of the Easter story, how we receive salvation, and what it means to be ‘In Christ.’

BONUS FEATURE: These lessons are great for all ages 3 – adult.
Just grab the Candy Land game and you are ready to go!  (Oh yes, be sure the version you pick up has the Gingerbread, Peppermint, Gum Drop, Nut, Lollipop, and Ice Cream.)

SYMBOLS – Gospel Magic Children’s Ministry Lesson

A large picture with four Christian Faith symbols is shown to your audience. You choose a volunteer to verbally select one of the four symbols. When you turn the picture around, their selection matches exactly to a card you have attached to the back of your picture!

The match is always correct, no matter which of the four symbols your volunteer selects!

No sleight of hand is needed!

Teaching points are provided for each of the four pictures. Moreover, you can easily use this to present many other fundamental teachings from scripture such as: Easter, Last Supper, salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Communion, etc…

What’s the Word for Easter? – REMARKABLE LESSON

This is a REMARKABLE Easter lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word?”.

When producing this lesson, “What’s the Word” was showing an OUTSTANDING 5 Star rating with nearly 580,000 user votes in the iTunes app store!

“What’s the Word for Easter?” provides your kids with four levels of gameplay centered upon words from the last days of Christ’s life on earth prior to His death and resurrection. Each of the four rounds (19 games total) culminates with a keyword to use as a discussion point with your group.

The four points highlight:

  • We cannot do anything ourselves to get rid of our sins.
  • Jesus’ resurrection removes the sin barrier between us and God.
  • Accepting Jesus’ death on the cross for us frees us from the harm of sin now and forever.
  • Choose God’s plan of salvation now so you can reign with God in His Kingdom for eternity!

If you have never experienced this INCREDIBLY POPULAR game app, here is what you can expect from the “What’s the Word for Easter?” spin-off.

There are four rounds of play, each climaxing with a KEYWORD you use for your teaching/discussion point. Each game consists of 4 pictures, an empty grid showing how many letters are in the word to be solved, a grid of 12 letters to use in solving the secret word, a HELP icon (when clicked reveals one letter), and a PROBLEM SOLVERS icon to solve the secret word.

Each game shows 4 pictures that have one word in common among them. For example, if you see a fish bowl, a cereal bowl, someone bowling, and a pet food bowl, the word is BOWL!

We agree with the description of the game which this lesson parodies. Indeed it is, “Surprisingly simple, amazingly addictive, everyone’s favorite new game!”

“What’s the Word for Easter?” creates an intriguing atmosphere for bringing the story of Easter to life in a fresh and interactive way.

Christ Conquered Death – Gospel Magic Object Lesson

This is a wonderfully easy Gospel Magic Object Lesson to present which visually illustrates that Christ conquered death by rising from the dead.

Here is What Happens!

You show the back of three fanned cards to each have a picture of a sealed tomb. Turning the fanned cards around, you show that the other sides of the cards contain pictures of a cross. The two outer cards each have a black cross; the center card has a red cross. Turn one card around to show the tomb and place it in front of the other two cards. As you approach the end of your lesson, you turn the tomb card back around again to show that the two black crosses have remained the same; however, the center red cross has changed into a picture of Christ!

Picturing the Easter Story – Gospel Magic Lesson

Here is an interactive way to present the story of Christ’s triumphal entry, death, resurrection, and ascension which culminates with the marvelous truth that Christ did this for YOU!

More than ever before in history, we live in an impersonal world. We have become accustomed to communicating via email, text message, and social websites. It is going almost unnoticed that this is impacting our spiritual relationships and growth. The main point of this message is to bring the focus back to the truth of the close and personal relationship God desires to have with His children.

Prior to using 9 stage-size picture illustrations for teaching your lesson, a volunteer from your group selects a picture from a tic-tac-toe style grid without letting you know their choice. Using a stack of several identical cards prepared with sections cut out, you and your volunteer divide the cards into two stacks. As you lay the last card down onto its stack, you instantly know which picture your volunteer has selected.

All you need is a printer, craft knife, and cardstock to perform this amazing effect.


  • Instructions
  • Lesson
  • 10 Stage-size Grid Cards (for Gospel Magic effect)
  • 9 Stage-size Picture Cards (for teaching lesson)

Mystery of Death on the Nile Passover Lesson

An Absolutely AWESOME Adventure & Lesson!

Note from Gary & Alisa:
Gary & Alisa LinnWe just want you to know up front that we believe this lesson is one of the most incredibly creative lesson available on the CMT website! The first portion of the lesson features a wonderful movie-like intro with great theme music and an intriguing storyline centering around an “Indiana Jones”-type of character named Dr. R. Colly Gist who involves your class in his latest discovery along the banks of the Nile. You are going to positively love using this no preparation needed lesson!

Complete Lesson / Service

This interactive lesson follows the adventure of Dr. R. Colly Gist while on expedition in Egypt! His expert team of assistants (your class) will solve several puzzles which give key aspects of the account of the tenth plague that struck Egypt. As the exploration unfolds, a link between the Passover and the Israelites survival is discovered. An obvious connection is then made to the new covenant in which Christ is our Passover Lamb.

Here is what you need for this life-changing lesson.
– PowerPoint or Free PowerPoint viewer is necessary
– Passover/Communion bread and juice for each child (optional)
– Almost no preparation is needed (other than prayer!)
(Just read through it and Go!)

Motivating, Educating, Entertaining, Life-Changing!

This is a Year-Round Service!
The “Powerful Invitation for Salvation
and title – “Mystery of Death on the Nile
also make this an excellent service for Halloween and Harvest Festival events!
Lots of Scripture! Lots of Interaction! Powerful!

Palm Sunday – Complete Service

You can make Palm Sunday come alive for your children’s church this year! What does Palm Sunday actually mean? Why is it so important to us? What does it challenge us to do?

This lesson will help your children discover the simple and powerful truths that Jesus is the Anointed One who must be praised. It will equip you to guide them into an understanding of how the Holy Spirit will lead them into all truth. And, lastly, it will challenge them to act on these foundational teachings and go make disciples!

This remarkable lesson includes:
-Detailed Outline for Service
-3 Incredibly Fun Crowdbreaker Games (Egg on Your Face, Easter Egg Frenzy, and Lost Treasures)
-1 Interactive Bible Story (Involving Everyone in the Room)
-1 Rebus Scripture Picture Verse – Matt. 21:19 (PowerPoint)
-1 Trick Cartooning Lesson (extremely easy-to-do)
-1 Gospel Paper Trick
-1 Gospel Magic Lesson (no sleight-of-hand)
-1 Sermon (enhanced with PowerPoint presentation)
-1 PowerPoint Review Game

The entire lesson is reinforced with many powerful scriptures!

You will need the following for this lesson.
– Color Printer
– Cardstock or Photo Paper
– Scissors
– Marker
– Plastic Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans, baskets, kitty litter, scoops (depending on games played)

This lesson was specially created to be easy-to-do with minimal preparation!

Double Vision – Easter Game

An Easter Edition of one of CMT’s All-Time Favorite Games!

Double Vision – Easter Can You Spot the Differences? features 10 remarkable puzzles illustrating themes from the Easter and Spring season!

This is a wonderful game for any class size, setting, event, or service!

Each photo-puzzle cleverly incorporates 8 differences of varying difficulty to discover!

A teacher’s clue sheet is also included for classroom use!

My kids loved playing games from Double Vision Vol. 1 for almost two months and still ask when we will play it again! So, I’m going to use this one for the month of April as our crowd breaker opening game. -Pastor Gary

The Great Commission Stage Size Gospel Magic

Are you looking for a large effect that has a powerful message? This is one of those unique effects that you are sure to want to use over and over again!

You could do an entire sermon centered around this one presentation!

This is a wonderful presentation for Easter since the lesson teaches about the Apostles, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Great Commission! It also works incredibly well for Missions Banquets, lessons on service, and our call to ministry!

Here is what happens:
Show four jumbo cards. Three of the cards have pictures of the Lord’s Supper; one has a picture of Jesus Christ. The backs of all the cards contain crosses. Place the picture of Jesus face down on an easel with the cross on the back visible to the audience. Place two of the Lord’s Supper cards on either side of this card and the third Lord’s Supper card into a folder. Flip the Lord’s Supper cards on the easel over so that there are now three crosses showing. Mix the crosses up and ask the audience to try find Jesus, but regardless of which card they pick, they are wrong. Revealing all three cards show only pictures of the Lord’s Supper ? Jesus is gone! Reach into the folder and produce the picture of Jesus as He has amazingly reappeared there. The audience is quick to note that there is yet another card visible the folder. But when that card is removed it contains a picture of earth. The audience insists you turn over that picture. Flipping the card shows the word, ‘YOU.’

All you need is a printer, 1 manila envelope, and cardstock to perform this amazing effect.

One simple and easy-to-do sleight-of-hand is the secret to this presentation.