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Ministry Video Collection

Have you been looking for a quick, effortless way to bring your Children’s Ministry into the 21st century of multi-media?
The SUPREME Ministry Video Collection is what you have been looking for!

How would I describe this remarkable collection of 30 videos?
Visually Appealing
Highly Truth-Instilling
Wonderfully Entertaining
Professionally Designed
Creatively Versatile
Marvelously Motivational
Captivating for ALL Ages!

So, what is in it?
30 high-quality videos divided into 8 categories to use as:
Service Openers, Segues and Transitions,
Teaching Segments, and Ministry Challenges

You will absolutely love the variety of humor, motivation, emotion, and powerful Scriptures shared through these multi-media presentations!

View a Demo Video!

These contemporary video transitions are a quick and easy way to make your kids services cutting-edge while instilling clear Biblical perspectives into your kids hearts about:

  • coming to church
  • being taught the Word
  • bringing visitors
  • being well-behaved
  • giving offering
  • participating in missions and building programs
  • and the importance of the salvation invitation.