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Thanksgiving “Togetherness” Paper-Fold Lesson

This Memorable Thanksgiving “Togetherness” Paper Fold teaches your kids at church, home, or everyone in the congregation the importance of “togetherness” during Thanksgiving Day.

Kids will learn to cherish the time with loved ones, remember special family activities, and grab hold of the most vital part of Thanksgiving togetherness– telling stories of God’s greatness in your lives!

Paper-folding is a GREAT ‘attention-keeping’ & Easy-to-Do teaching technique that will help impart your lesson!

Crowned with Glory & Honor Paper Fold Lesson

Remarkably Creative and Simple to Do, Paper folds are one of CMT Readers’ favorite methods of teaching the Gospel!

All eyes will attentively watch you create an Origami crown as you challenge your kids to give Jesus the honor He deserves as their King of Kings!

Using several Scriptures from the Easter story and 2 scenes of worship in Heaven from Revelation, this powerful lesson brings your audience to a strong salvation message—How have you treated Jesus? Have you been like those who placed the crown of thorns on His head or do you crown Jesus with glory and honor, giving Him worship as your King of Kings!

Born To Completely Save – Paper Fold Lesson

A paper fold is one of the easiest creative arts-style methods to captivate your kids while teaching the Gospel!

In this “Born to Save Completely” Paper Fold, using step-by-step picture instructions, you will easily create a beautiful paper poinsettia, the Christmas flower.

Going a step beyond kids’ common knowledge that Jesus was born to save us from sin, the lesson ends with 6 rarely known aspects of the word “save,” and expressing that Jesus “saving” us is –like the poinsettia– even more beautiful than we imagined. Jesus came to restore to us the very meaning of life, knowing God!

Why Worry? – Paper Fold Lesson

Remarkably Creative! Simple to Do!

Your students will watch your every move with great anticipation to discover the identity of the 2 paper folds you create in this lesson, which answers the question, “Why Worry?”

Fully illustrated, easy-to-follow picture instructions for 2 paper folds!

This fully scripted 15 minute lesson:

  • – aids your children in expressing their worries
  • – covers Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6 and Luke 12 on why we should not worry
  • – ends with the pattern of prayer from Philippians 4:6,7

All You Need are 2 pieces of colorful paper and you are set to go!

A Peep at New Life – Easter Paper Fold Lesson

Remarkably Creative and Simple to Do!

This paper fold lesson clearly presents the “New Life” we have through Jesus Christ in a way everyone can understand.

All eyes will be attentively watching as you cover the scriptural truths of Romans 6:23, Ephesians 5:2, and 2 Corinthians 5:15, 17 to lead your group into a NEW LIFE with Jesus Christ.

Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and a fully scripted lesson. All You need are 2 pieces of yellow paper and you are set to go!

Cross Your Heart Paper Fold Lesson

Did you ever think about how much the symbols of a heart and a cross go together?

This lesson beautifully illustrates how the cross representing Jesus’ death and the heart symbolizing love definitely go together; they are a part of each other.

This special effect paper fold so simply and so profoundly presents the marvelous plan of salvation for all ages!

Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and a fully scripted lesson presentation utilizing 5 scriptures from Romans.

Christmas Star Paper-Fold Lesson

Attention-Grabbing Teaching Method! Your students will be glued to your every move with anticipation to discover what you are creating with this fun paper-fold lesson!

This insightful look into one of the most fascinating parts of the Christmas story provides a uniquely creative way for you to challenge your students to:
– Faithfully study the Scriptures
– Renew the exceedingly great joy we have in Jesus
– Lead others to find Jesus as their Savior
– and Worship God, our King of Kings.

This paper folding lesson is:

  • Extremely Easy-to-Do and Downloadable with
  • Step-by-Step, Illustrated Folding and Cutting Instructions!
  • 10 Minute Presentation

If you need something quick for Christmas, this is it!

Prince of Peace Paper Fold Lesson

Your students will be closely watching you as you present this wonderful lesson.

The angels made a proclamation of peace to those who have God’s favor. All of mankind desires peace. This lesson combines the true story of the world famous origami peace crane with Isaiah’s prophecies of the only hope for personal peace and world peace, Jesus–the Prince of Peace.

This paper folding lesson is:

  • Extremely Easy-to-Do and Downloadable with
  • Step-by-Step, Illustrated Folding of a Simplified Version of an Origami Crane!
  • 10 Minute Presentation

Great for Christmas!