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Ventriloquism Is For Dummies!

Award-winning scripts!

Here are 13 wonderful routines featuring an elderly gentleman character, including the “Gold Medal Winner”, “Parable of the Lost Sheep!”

These are also great skits for Hand Puppets!

Take advantage of its Easy-To-Do Guide for learning ventriloquism!

Topics and Stories include:
Salvation – “The Prodigal Son”
Prayer – “Daniel”
The Bible – “Jeremiah and Baruch”
Witnessing – “Jonah”
Faithfulness – “Stephen”
God Loves Us – “Parable of the Lost Sheep”
Salvation – “Red Sea”
Resisting Temptation – “Moses Hits The Rock”
God Will Help Us – “Israel Fights the Amalekites”
Follow God’s Way – “The Twelve Spies”
Faithfulness – “The Golden Calf”
Second Coming – “The Promised Land”
Self-Esteem – “God Calls Moses”