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Redeeming A Generation Resource Kit

“For many children, the virtual reality that they experience in their daily computer environments has become more real than the spiritual environment which can and should be taking place between them and God.”

“We must lead them to experience what is true reality in God.”
Pastor Gary R. Linn

The time has come for us to bring our children back into an experiential relationship with their Heavenly Father. The “Redeeming A Generation” Resource Kit provides you with a powerful and practical set of tools to lead your children to recognize God at work in their everyday lives.

It is my earnest prayer to challenge you to heartily, heroically, compassionately, and fearlessly shape a generation for God. You and I must lead our children to realize and experience what is true reality in contrast to what is perceived reality.

This resource kit includes a comprehensive 13-chapter e-book, a set of 18 PowerPoint presentations, and a set of high-quality images for MediaShout-type of programs.

These life-changing ideas can be used in any setting: Children’s Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Kids’ Clubs, Bible Study, etc…

Note: Special Thanks to Rev. Billy Burns of “Ignite the Supernatural Conferences” for encouraging me to put this resource together. Billy, you are a true champion for children’s ministry and a great friend! – P.G.