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Complete Lessons and Services

This set of two Bible Lessons for children explores the marvelous celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter through one of the Most Kid-Enticing Board Games EVER!

There are so many aspects that elevate this two-lesson series to a pinnacle of fun for your children. Here are just a couple of highlights.
  • Each lesson begins with a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and ACTION-FILLED activity used to explore the Bible story.
  • Each lesson uses the all-time favorite children's game, "Candy Land," as a tool for discovering six key points.
  • Both lessons are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare.
  • Both lessons are suitable for ANY SIZE Group of kids.
  • Both Bible studies can be used for Children's Church, Sunday School, Mid-Week Service, Family Devotions, just about ANY SETTING!
  • Just Print, Play, and Predicate (that?s a P word for Teach)
Lessons are:
- Palm Sunday Praise - using the Triumphal Entry of Jesus to explore all about PRAISING GOD! There are so many wonderful ways for us to praise our Lord God. Let's excite and motivate our children to fill each day with praise to God!

- EASTER in Candy Land - begins with the story of Nicodemus' visit to Jesus, then creatively studies the events of the Easter story, how we receive salvation, and what it means to be 'In Christ.'

BONUS FEATURE: These lessons are great for all ages 3 - adult.
Just grab the Candy Land game and you are ready to go! (Oh yes, be sure the version you pick up has the Gingerbread, Peppermint, Gum Drop, Nut, Lollipop, and Ice Cream.)
Price: $12.00
3 OLYMPIC-themed Kid's Worship Services

All 3 Interactively Exciting Lessons! (with an AWESOME discount)

Price: $20.00

This wonderful collection of Complete Services gives you everything you need to make your Children's Ministry Holiday Services an excitingly interactive experience all year long!

10 Holiday and Special Event Lessons:

Valentine's Day - You Gotta Love It!
Palm Sunday - P.A.L.M.
Easter - Extra Special Easter Extravaganza
Mother's Day - Make-Up of a Mother
Father's Day - It's a FAMILY Thing!
Independence Day - Freedom Jeopardy
Back-to-School - What's In Your Backpack?
Fall Festival - Mystery of Death on the Nile Passover Lesson
Thanksgiving - Triangulation! Zeroing in on THANKS Lesson
Christmas - Shine Like Stars
Price: $49.00

This remarkable package of Complete Services gives you everything you need to make your Children's Ministry Holiday Services an excitingly interactive experience.

With all of this, you will feel more stuffed than a turkey at Thanksgiving!

10 Holiday and Special Event Lessons:

New Year\'s - (Every Day is a Holiday - Lesson on Sanctification and Holiness)
Valentine's Day - (Love Conquers the Fear Factor)
Easter - (He Rose for You)
Mother's Day - (An EGGscellent Mother's Day Lesson)
Father's Day - (Spirit of Sonship)
Independence Day - (Covenant of Freedom)
Back-to-School - (Back-to-School Olympics)
Fall Festival - (The ULTIMATE Match-up Challenge Gameshow)
Thanksgiving - (Complete Thanksgiving Service)
Christmas - (Believe God for the Impossible)
Price: $49.00

WHAT IF… provides an excitingly interactive lesson format for you to go through 4 Main Spiritual Teachings with your students.

You will help your kids discover the answers to these four questions.
-Why is it important for me to know what God’s Word says when I’m at school?
-Why should I stay away from evil?
-How do I guard my heart?
-How can I be an example to my friends and teachers?

WHAT IF... Answers the Tough Questions for Christian Kids at School

This complete kids' worship service includes:
-22 Rounds of Interactivity Involving All of Your Students
-A PowerPoint Fully Illustrating Each Round and Your Entire Teaching
-22 Printable Game Cards for Your Volunteers
-Printable Number Cards for Students
-Teacher Cue Card Sheets for Each Lesson Point

These 4 teaching points are vital for children in developing and maintaining a healthy spiritual life while at school!

Note: The PowerPoint is optional. This is a wonderful service for Elementary through High School students which can easily be presented indoors or outdoors.
Price: $10.00

A wonderful children's worship service that highlights the warm family experience of Thanksgiving as well as teaching children 6 parts of their relationship with God for which they can be extremely thankful.

Because we often are focused on needs, it is so very important that we make the most of this opportunity to help our children remember that:
  • God is Good
  • God Always Loves Me
  • God Strengthens and Protects Me
  • God Does Wonderful Things for Me
  • God Answers My Prayer
  • God Gives Me Salvation
- Turkey Tales is a humorous PowerPoint game where children discover fun facts about turkeys.
- Avoid the Grumpies is a PowerPoint game to creatively remind kids to be thankful and not grumpy. You can use it as a stand alone game or ask questions from your lesson to select which children get to pick a Thanksgiving food item to play the game.
Price: $10.00

Your kids are presented with all kinds of challenges during this new school year, whether it be people-type problems--such as bullying or lying, temptation, or dilemmas in which they do not have the wisdom or knowledge on their own to remedy!

Your kids can go Back 2 School with a BLAST by using God’s example of when to “come to Him with a blast” from Numbers 10!

An acronym off the word BLAST covers 5 common school-related situations in which your kids will learn the vital need to go to God!  Action-packed games are included in the lesson to illustrate each of the 5 vital “go to God” points!

After experiencing Back 2 School BLAST, your kids can go through their school year, coming back time and time again, with testimonies of God’s great intervention in their school-related obstacles!
Price: $10.00

Spiritually Challenging
Highly Motivational
Strong Scriptural Foundation
Attention Keeping
Interactive Format

This WONDERFUL Back-to-School lesson is filled with creatively unique team relay events that your students will love!

Flexible for Any Size Group
Effective With or Without a Computer

Your kids will thoroughly enjoy the School-Themed Olympic-Styled Events - Pack-a-Backpack, Trendy Trousseau Relay, Tumblers of Truth Relay, and Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay! Each event brings forth and reinforces one of the truths below while the children have an absolute blast discovering their 'Spiritual School Supplies!'

'Back-to-School Olympics: Your Spiritual School Supplies!' is an incredibly creative way to bring the importance and reality of God back into your student's lives while they are back in school! This full lesson covers an enormous abundance of scriptural teaching on:
Fruit of the Spirit
Armor of God
Word of God
and, Power of the Holy Spirit

Kids want to have fun and you want them to experience the power of God in their lives. Much like the 'Go for the Gold!' lesson, this lesson provides an opportunity for your children to have the best time ever in a church service while you thoroughly instill divine strength into their hearts!

Every child in your group can easily be involved throughout this entire lesson - No Matter The Class Size!

That?' correct! The remarkable design of this lesson will easily work for any size group. It is great for Sunday School, Children's Church, Mid-Week Services, School Chapels, and Special Events!

Here is an overview: Get Up and GO! PowerPoint Game, Opening Theme and Rebus Puzzle of Deuteronomy 33:25, Four Energy-Using and Attention Getting Wacky Relay Events, Altar Time, and Review Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
-Pack-a-Backpack: a backpack and selection of school supplies for each team
-Trendy Trousseau Relay: an oversized shirt, pants, and hat for each team
-Tumblers of Truth Relay: balloons and a combination lock for each team
-Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay: small round balloons and an oversized shirt for each team

Included Extras!
-90 second music clip to play during Wacky Relay Events
-Printable Rebus Puzzle in a handout format.

This is a year-round service that works incredibly well for outreaches and also as a lesson around the back to school time!

Full PowerPoint presentation is included, but you will also find it exceptionally easy to do without a computer if you do not have one available!
Price: $10.00

This can become one of the most creatively fun days you enjoy with your children each year!

Backwards Day is an awesome concept that helps present the remarkable way God works in our lives. After all, what is a child thinking when the scripture 'Whoever wants to save his life will lose it' is quoted? What goes through a child's mind when he / she hears '(God) made us alive with Christ even when we were dead?'

This highly interactive lesson presents several of these scriptures through an enjoyable format where everything you do is associated with the idea of being 'Backwards.'

Your students will explore the challenge of 'Righteous Living' through Christ as Paul exhorts in Romans 8:13, "If you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live." They will discover that the world's way of doing things is actually backwards from what God desires and how God works.

This downloadable packet includes:
- 6 Activities and Games
- Strong Message From Scripture
- Interactive Skit
- PowerPoint Presentation
- Color & Grayscale Poster and Flyer Masters
- Printable 'Backwards is Better!' Stickers
- Extra Ideas to Super-size Your Backwards Day
Price: $10.00

Get a Complete Christmas Lesson that challenges your kids' faith to believe for the impossible! What was more impossible to a young girl named Mary than a virgin birth? This unique Christmas lesson uses Luke's version of the Christmas story to bring out how Mary's faith in God was challenged by the promise of the baby Jesus and the word of encouragement that the Holy Spirit spoke through Elizabeth. Using the Christmas story, this lesson will teach your kids why they can believe God's promises to meet the needs of the impossible situations in their lives.

It includes:
-Outline for Service
-1 Crowdbreaker PowerPoint Game (Pin The Nose On The Reindeer)
-1 Rebus Scripture Picture Verse - Luke 1:37 (both PowerPoint and pdf formats included)
-1 Gospel Magic Object Lesson (Christmas Production Envelope)
-1 Gospel Magic Object Lesson (The Christmas Arches)
-1 Trick Cartooning (Light Bulb to Baby Jesus)(enhanced with PowerPoint presentation)
-1 Sermon (enhanced with PowerPoint presentation)
-1 Review PowerPoint Game

You will need the following for this lesson.
- Color Printer
- Cardstock or Photo Paper
- Scissors or Paper Cutter
- Marker
- Tape
- Some time to practice
Price: $10.00

This Remarkably Fun Lesson, is full of student participation and exceptionally easy-to-do!

Through 12 rounds of the popular "Pictionary"-style game, your students will explore Daniel 1 and Isaiah 55:9 to discover how God?s ways are always better than man's ways.

You will guide them to realize that following God's way in EVERY ARENA of life will bring them greater success, happiness, and peace.
Price: $10.00

What do you get when you cross the astonishingly popular TV Gameshow 'Family Feud' and the 'Olympic Games'?
Bible Olympian!
This Wonderfully Interactive Lesson Teaches Your Children How to Be True Bible Olympians!

After a friendly competition highlighting Olympic events, you will lead your group into an exploration of three remarkable heroes from Scripture.
Elijah - a Cross-Country runner of Olympic stature!
Jacob - a champion wrestler!
Paul - all-time relay anchor to finish the race!

This complete Children's Worship service is an exceptionally fun parody that will powerfully present three vital characteristics every believer must develop to become a real Bible Olympian!
Fearless Obedience to God
Unwavering Perseverance
Being the Best You Can Be

Yes, you can do this with or without PowerPoint, but if you have projection capability, you will definitely want to use it.

Extremely Quick to Prepare! Fully scripted!
Price: $10.00

NEW BreakAway Day - Special Event / Service for Your Kids

Have you taken an honest look at the world around you lately? Seeing the present state of people's lives and the world overall, the URGENCY to preach the gospel should be greater than ever! The earth is truly crying out to its Creator for redemption. Knowing this should shake one to his/her inner spirit, asking, “Am I doing what it takes to 'make disciples' as Christ commanded?”

Breakaway Day focuses in on the keywords, 'break' and 'broken' while leading children to experience God's tender love and healing power in their lives and spirits, as well as bring help to the world around them.

Lesson Overview:
  • OPENING ACTIVITY - Establish the concept of something being broken, including one's heart/spirit.
  • RELAY - Explore Numbers 15:31 and understand that God's commands can be broken, resulting in that person being 'cut off' from God. “Because they have despised the LORD's word and broken his commands, they must surely be cut off; their guilt remains on them.” (NIV)
  • OBJECT LESSON - Recognize that James 2:10 details that breaking one command is the same as breaking them all. “If you obey every law except one, you are still guilty of breaking them all.” (CEV)
  • RELAY - Show how belief is needed to be a part of God's family. Also, illustrate ways unbelief can be seen in our lives using Romans 11:20 as a basis for the teaching. “But those branches were broken off because they did not believe, and you continue to be part of the tree only because you believe.” (NCV)
  • REBUS SCRIPTURE PICTURE - Instill theme verse- Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.”
  • ONE ON ONE CHALLENGE / OBJECT LESSON - Express how knowing that one is 'broken off' or in need of forgiveness should not bring sorrow but hope -- for Christ came to 'comfort the brokenhearted' and 'heal the brokenhearted.' Isaiah 61:1, “He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken.” (NCV) Psalm 147:3, “He heals the brokenhearted.” (NIV)
  • 6 BreakAway Games
  • PowerPoint for Main Lesson Points
  • BreakAway Day Poster Master
  • Large BreakAway Day Graphic
  • Rebus PowerPoint and Printable PDF
Price: $10.00

Children absolutely love bubbles! This is a fun-filled service that focuses everything around "BUBBLES!"

Almost NO preparation is needed!

This special service is designed for you to have fun with your children and then present a message of "New Life in Christ."

This "Game Day Service" includes:
- 8 Action Games
- 3 Teaching Segments
- Salvation Invitation
- 4 More Optional Games

GREAT YEAR-ROUND Salvation Service!
- Great for Fun, Light Teaching for a Special Summer Sunday
- Great as a Special Event Day
- Great as an Outreach Event
Price: $8.00

A Timely and Powerful Message For Today's Youth!
This highly interactive lesson starts off with a wonderfully fun PowerPoint game that sets the stage for talking about making choices. You will follow that up with a creative Scripture Picture puzzle of Romans 12:9 for a powerful and straight-to-the-point scripture that helps everyone understand what character is all about. Right on the heels of solving your Rebus Scripture Picture, you will present a cleverly created Gospel magic effect right in your PowerPoint presentation which teaches your group how some choices are made through natural wisdom, also known as common sense. (The kids will wonder how you did it!)

Now, you move into a great presentation of the Supernatural Wisdom available to all of us through the Word of God. By using this supernatural wisdom, we develop good character. At this point, everyone in your group will get in on the action through an interactive Bible story of how David demonstrated supernatural wisdom and good character by sparing King Saul's life even though David's friends thought it to be an opportunity sent by God for David to kill Saul.

A closing skit wonderfully illustrates that "You cannot accomplish something good by doing something bad." AND "God will never ask you to contradict His Word to accomplish His plans."
Price: $10.00
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