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Discovering God’s Covenant of Love – Service Kit

What is included?
– Full Worship Service Lesson featuring 7 Scriptures, 6 Group Activities, 2 Object Lessons, 1 Skit Lesson, Review Questions, Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle Verse

– 2 PowerPoint Presentations

– (NEW FEATURE) Parent Take-Home Discussion Guide

– (NEW FEATURE) Full Set of Images for MediaShout, EasyWorship, etc…

What is the service about?
God tells us 7 times that He has made a COVENANT of LOVE with us. This service kit helps kids discover this great message of God’s covenant of love with us! In His covenant, He promises to always love us and never forsake us. It is an unbreakable, never-ending guarantee to give us His love. He wants us to live our lives filled with His love. Your kids will realize that their part of this covenant is to wholeheartedly seek after God, love Him, and live life in His covenant of love!

You can powerfully teach this lesson without PowerPoint or Video projection!


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