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Double Vision Vol. 3 Game – All About God’s Love

All-Time Classic! — All-Time Favorite! — All Ages!

Double Vision Can You Spot the Differences? features 10 remarkable photo-puzzles illustrating scripture focusing on God’s love!

This is a wonderful game for any class size, any setting, event, or service and even individual play!

This creative edition of Double Vision features these scriptures:
-Psalm 36:7
-1 John 4:7
-Romans 8:39
-Ephesians 5:1
-Psalm 136:26
-Galatians 5:14
-Psalm 52:8
-John 13:34
-Psalm 48:9
-1 Corinthians 13:2

Each photo-puzzle cleverly incorporates 8 differences of varying difficulty to discover!

A teacher’s clue sheet is also included for classroom use!

NOTE: This game is EXCELLENT as a stand-alone game or an add-on for “Love Conquers the Fear Factor,” “You Gotta Love It,” “What’s Love Got To Do With It?,” and “Discovering God’s Covenant of Love” lessons!