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Dynamic Duos! – Your Moral Compass

You are about to involve your kids in an absolutely marvelous lesson! The Dynamic Duos format for presenting your lesson is remarkably fun and interactive for all ages. Dynamic Duos is based on a mixture of three famous television game shows: Kidstreet (Children’s Game Show from Canada), I’m Telling (Children’s Game Show from USA), and the Newlywed Game and creates an stimulating atmosphere while exploring what it truly means to “love God” and how His commands guide us.

There are several extraordinary points that make this presentation style stand out.
1- You are presenting your lesson and reinforcing it in one classroom setting.
2- Your group is interactively experiencing your lesson.
3- This style of question allows all ages and backgrounds to participate, even if they have no prior knowledge of scripture.
4- You can easily adjust the lesson to fit most any size group.
5- This can be presented without any props whatsoever.
6- You can easily turn this into a ‘Special Event’ night at your church, such as an outreach for the entire community. Just add some prizes for winning teams and you’re set.
It is also marvelous for Special Events and Celebrations such as: Father / Daughter Banquet, Family Fun Night, Church Homecoming, Church Picnic, etc..