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Helpful Hints For CMT Downloads

What is a Download?

CMT’s Downloads include complete children’s worship services, lessons and games for special event days and holidays, gospel magic object lessons, games, skits, e-books, and more that are created in universally easy-to-use formats so anyone around the world can quickly use them in ministry!

How do I get these Downloadable Lessons?

You can easily have CMT’s wonderful lessons, skits, games, and more with just a few clicks of your mouse!

  1. – Find Your Lesson or Game and Read the Description
  2. – Click the Add to Cart Button
  3. – Click View Cart  When You Are Ready to Purchase Your Downloads
  4. – After Viewing Your Cart, Click to Securely Pay Through PayPal (NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase!)
  5. – You Will Be Sent an Email With Encrypted Links to Download Your Purchase Within Moments of Completing the Payment
  6. – Use Your Unique Download Link and Select ‘Save.’
  7. – Save Your Resource onto Your Computer. (Unzip any zipped files.)

That’s All There is to It!

Here are some more details for those of us who like more details.

-Each download includes a key graphic like this which tells you whether the download is PC Friendly, MAC Friendly, Uses PowerPoint, or Uses a PDF Reader.
-The CMT shopping cart system creates a unique file for you to download.
-Your unique download will be available online for about 72 hours so you will have plenty of time to complete your download.
-The downloads are in two basic formats. – .zip & .pdf

For the .zip files you must select ‘Save’.  Save the file to your computer.  After saving the file to your computer, extract (or unzip) the files/folders from the zipped file.  Usually this is as simple as right clicking on the file on your computer and selecting ‘Extract’ from the menu options that appear.

For the .pdf files, your system will usually automatically open your .pdf reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader).  After it opens and displays the file, select File and Save Copy As from your menu to save that resource onto your computer.  If you do not have a .pdf reader, you can download Adobe’s reader for Free at

For the PowerPoint Games and the Complete Services downloads, you can download the Free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft’s website if you do not currently have PowerPoint on your computer.  PowerPoint Viewer is free to download here.

Everything you need to know about each download is already included in the full description online.  For example, the Complete Services gives you details on props you may need to present the lesson.

It really is that quick and easy!  Should you have any other questions, please Contact Us!