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S3 -Love of God- Super Sword Search Game

S3 – Super Sword Search is a blast of a game that your kids will thoroughly enjoy!

It is a contemporary and innovative update on the classic Bible Sword Drill.

This Teacher-Moderated game features verses themed on the topic of Love of God. It all starts with a delightful musically animated introduction with fun fireworks and sound effects. The Fireworks Frenzy theme in this game is exciting all year, and really goes well with the holidays! Each game board includes creative features so you can
-determine exactly when to start each round
-decide whether to show the verse on screen
-allow contestants or teams to uncover bonus points
-or skip directly to the next game board.

This excellent interactive game is designed to use in PowerPoint 2003.

You may decide to divide into teams, or have each game up for grabs to see who is the first in the room to find it! Either way, your kids are going to love it!