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The ULTIMATE PARTY Big Day Service

Kids love games! – Kids love parties!
The “Ultimate Party Big Day” Service is an excitingly fun Special Event Day service that provides a bountiful supply of interaction, play, amusement, and exhilaration for your children as they explore 10 parties detailed in scripture.

Your ultimate purpose is to create an atmosphere of celebration and jubilee leading up to your final invitation to the ‘Ultimate Party;’ the ‘Wedding Supper of the Lamb!’ (Rev. 19:9)

This is a wonderful mix and match event day service.

Select which games and stories from scripture you want to highlight with your children. You can do all 10 or a select few, depending on your time, age group, and resources.

After your group has thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, games, and relays, you will invite them to join you in the ‘Ultimate Party’ through salvation in Jesus Christ.

for ANYTIME of the YEAR!

Since kids still hand out Valentine’s Cards at school, this is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to use the Ultimate Party Big Day Service as an outreach event for your Valentine’s Day!

Double-sided Valentine’s Invitation Cards are included!

This event day includes: 10 games illustrating 10 Bible story parites- Quick Draw, Hangman, Pumpkin on a Plate, Categorically Speaking, Name That Tune, Riddle Me This, Doctor Doctor, Catch the Balloon, War, Hot Air Hoopla; Invitation to the ULTIMATE PARTY; and theme verse activity on Nehemiah 8:12, ‘So the people went away … to celebrate with great joy because they had heard God’s words and understood them.’

Three supporting PowerPoint elements also included for leaders who wish to use PowerPoint.